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War and the American Difference Hauerwas, Stanley

War and the American Difference

Baker Academic

People write and speak continually about the “crisis in scholarly publishing.” Yet the Internet provides new and exciting opportunities for the presentation and promotion of new books—and discussion of the ideas they contain. More than ever, important books are being written. Indeed, perhaps we are entering the “age of the author.” However, with so many books being published, how does one identify significant titles and go about making these books known to the world?

Library of Social Science Book Reviews identifies the best scholarly books and brings them to people’s attention through substantive review essays written by top scholars. The review essays that we publish are thoughtful commentaries that engage an author’s arguments and articulate the implications of the book’s ideas, placing them in the wider context of contemporary thought.

Review Essays will be published on the LSS Book Reviews Website, and distributed through the LSS Newsletter. Through our reviews, we aspire to overcome academic Balkanization, and to develop a “community of scholars.”

We wish to review books by great thinkers that contain big ideas, but will focus especially on:

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