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Library of Social Science Book Reviews

Mission & Parameters

Library of Social Science Book Reviews identifies outstanding books and brings them to the attention of scholars, students and thinking people everywhere. We publish substantial review essays that critically engage and develop authors’ arguments and their implications. We encourage reviewers to focus on central issues in the text—in order to develop their own views and theories.

We believe that the pursuit of truth is a primary objective of intellectual activity—and that one individual’s insights can build upon those of others in a collaborative and cumulative process. We seek to develop a community of scholars who see the possibility of moving toward a degree of consensus on core issues—through collegiality and the disinterested pursuit of knowledge.

Library of Social Science is positioned as a challenge to entrenched ideologies—broadening a field of vision that has been obstructed by a penchant for insular specialization. Our reviewers develop new perspectives and theories on the relationship between history, culture, ideology and psychology—that may yield startling insights.

Review Parameters