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Founded in 1975, Library of Social Science is an independent book publisher, dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge to scholars, students and the general reading public. We are interdisciplinary in scope, and publish across a range of disciplines including: political psychology, social theory, psychoanalysis, anthropology and twentieth-century history. We are known for innovative, aggressive approaches to marketing, assuring that the books we publish (and the ideas they contain) reach the widest possible audience.

The Psychoanalysis of Racism, Revolution and Nationalism

Author: Richard Koenigsberg
Pages: 58
List Price: $24.95 Paperback
The Myth of Africa

Author: Dorothy Hammond, Alta Jablow
Pages: 251
List Price: $39.95 Paperback, $49.95 Hardcover
The Withdrawal of Human Projection

Author: M. D. Faber
Pages: 118
List Price: $34.95 Paperback, $39.95 Hardcover
Nations Have the Right to Kill: Hitler, the Holocaust and War

Author: Richard Koenigsberg
Pages: 136
List Price: $39.99 Paperback, $45.95 Hardcover
The Dream of Culture
The Dream of Culture: Essays on Culture's Elusiveness

Author: Howard Stein
Pages: 440
Trim Size: 5.5 x 8.5
List Price: $39.99 Paperback, $59.95 Hardcover
Symbiosis and Separation: Towards a Psychology of Culture

Author: Richard Koenigsberg
Pages: 89
List Price: $25.00 Paperback, $39.95 Hardcover
Hitler's Ideology
Hitler's Ideology: A Study in Psychoanalytic Sociology

Author: Richard Koenigsberg
Pages: 105
List Price: $25.00 Paperback, $49.95 Hardcover