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Library of Social Science:

Bringing Significant Scholarship into the World

Book Exhibits: Beginning in 1988 with a display that occupied a single table, we have grown into the premier company organizing and managing book exhibits for significant scholarly and professional conferences. Bringing together a comprehensive collections of books on the meeting’s themes, we create book exhibits that contribute substantially to the conference’s success and intellectual value.
Ideologies of War, Genocide & Terror: Pioneering the online publication of scholarship, our Ideologies of War Website has attracted a world-wide audience of researchers exploring collective forms of violence. Our website presents significant data and theories illuminating the sources and meanings of war, genocide and terrorism. Steven Gardiner commented on his recent contribution: “My article on Ideologies of War had a bigger impact than anything I’ve ever published in an academic journal. It was quoted and re-quoted dozens of times.”
Book Reviews: Identifies outstanding books and brings them to the attention of scholars, students and thinking people everywhere. We publish substantial review essays that critically engage and develop authors’ arguments and their implications. We encourage reviewers to focus on central issues in the text—in order to develop their own views and theories.
Essays and Papers: At the vanguard of the digital text revolution, Library of Social Science publishes thoughtful essays by the finest scholars. Papers on our website reach a world-wide audience of tens-of-thousands of scholars, professional and students. Citation is the hallmark of a successful paper. Texts published by Library of Social Science have an immediate impact upon scholarship, generating discussion—and entering the ongoing discourse.
Books: Founded in 1975, Library of Social Science is an independent book publisher, dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge to scholars, students and the general reading public. We are interdisciplinary in scope, and publish across a range of disciplines including: political psychology, social theory, psychoanalysis, anthropology and twentieth-century history. We are known for innovative, aggressive approaches to marketing.
Richard A. Koenigsberg: Director of the Library of Social Science, Koenigsberg has pioneered the psychological study of political violence. His first book, Hitler’s Ideology, developed a method for studying ideology through analysis of the language of political leaders. His most recent book, Nations Have the Right to Kill, presents his theory on the sacrificial meaning of war and genocide.