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Blood, Sacrifice, and the Dying for One's Country (Podcast)
What compels a group of soldiers to willingly run into a barrage of automatic weapons during World War I? How did the kamikaze pilots come to belief their actions were warranted? And what would happen if we completely abandon the concept of nationalities? Blood, sacrifice and so much more is discussed this week with special guest Richard A. Koenigsberg.
On the radio: discussing the Trump phenomenon (Podcast)
A wonderful Internet radio program, Howard Bloom Saves the Universe, is hosted by Chad Dougatz. Howard invited me to join the show to explore the question, “Why does Donald Trump stir us (either negatively or positively).” Readers of the LSS Newsletter have become familiar with my “voice” through the written word. Now you have the opportunity to hear me speak. I hope you will click through and enjoy this program—and that it generates some valuable insights.