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Library of Social Science Book Exhibits

For Conference Organizers

To find out how the Library of Social Science can organize and manage a book exhibit for your conference, please call Richard Koenigsberg at (718) 393-1081, or send an e-mail.

How Library of Social Science will create, organize and manage a book exhibit for your scholarly or professional conference

Beginning in 1988 with a display that occupied a single table, Library of Social Science has grown into the premier company creating, organizing and managing book exhibits for scholarly and professional conferences. With a track record of over 500 successful book exhibits for more than 125 organizations, we are leaders in the field of book exhibit management.

Based on our unique paradigm, we bring together a comprehensive collection of the latest and most significant books and journals in the field. By showcasing major publishers and authors, our exhibits add a significant dimension to conferences, enriching the meeting experience and enhancing its intellectual value.

Library of Social Science creates exhibits of unsurpassed quality. We research each conference carefully to analyze its scholarly thrust, working in collaboration with meeting organizers and program chairs to create a book exhibit that will meet each organization’s unique profile and specifications. We manage the entire book exhibit from beginning to end, maintaining consistency and control.

Library of Social Science exhibits are a sight to behold. Conference attendees are not only impressed, but often stunned by the quality of the displays. Our exhibits showcase the publications of conference speakers. The result is a broad-ranging and dynamic display of outstanding books and journals. By providing a comfortable and pleasant environment to congregate and interact between sessions, our exhibits often become a central attraction at conferences.

Our exhibits become a central component of the meeting—and a gathering place for attendees.

To view photos of our book exhibits, visit our photo gallery. To find out how the Library of Social Science can organize and manage a book exhibit for your conference, please call Richard Koenigsberg at 718-393-1081, or send an e-mail.

More than 200 publishers use our service to promote their books and journals. The book exhibit we create for your conference will include titles from the world’s most prominent publishers of scholarly and professional books. Please click here for information on some of the publishers who exhibit with us on a regular basis.

Among the organizations and conferences for which we create book exhibits on a regular basis:

American Ethnological Society • ASIANetwork Conference • Association for the Study of the Middle East and Africa • Association for the Psychoanalysis of Culture & Society • Canadian Anthropology Society • Human Behavior and Evolution Society • Int’l. Association for Relational Psychoanalysis • National Multicultural Conference • Pacific Sociological Association • Philosophy of Education Society • Rural Sociological Society • Society for Psychological Anthropology • Society for U.S. Intellectual History • Teachers College Winter Roundtable • Texas Psychological Association