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Ideologies of War, Genocide & Terror
Part I: Alvarez-Gullestad
A curator, traditionally, is the keeper of a cultural heritage institution (e.g., gallery, museum or library)—a specialist charged with selecting, managing and interpreting heritage material.

On the web, curation is about selecting the best content. One of the mandates of the Library of Social Science is to present the world’s best scholarship to our readers—and to help you to make sense of it.

Our Ideologies of War, Genocide & Terror website—founded in 2006—has developed a reputation as one of the most important resources on the web for information on the sources and meanings of collective forms of violence. Through a process of searching, studying and sifting, we have identified many of the essential works on this topic.

Our website now contains 187 entries by 127 authors—consisting of source documents, book chapters and excerpts, papers, statistics, photos and videos.

This is the first of three Newsletters in which we present entries
appearing on our Ideologies of War, Genocide & Terror Website.
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Alvarez, Josefina Echavarría
Re-thinking (in)security discourses from a critical perspective (Paper)
Anderson, Orion
Selected Photos of Dead Soldiers in Trenches (World War I)
Selected Photos from World War I
Selected Photos from World War II and the Holocaust
Atran, Scott
War as a Moral Imperative (Not Just Practical Politics by Other Means) (Paper)
Atta, Mohamed
Last Words of a Terrorist (Letter/Document)
Bartov, Omer
“Genocide and War: The Holocaust as a War Goal or an Obstacle to Victory” (Video)
Industrial Killing: World War I, the Holocaust, and Representation (Lecture)
Behnke, Andreas
‘Postmodernising’ Security (Paper)
Bein, Alex
The Jewish Parasite: Notes on the Semantics of the Jewish Problem, with Special Reference to Germany (Paper)
Berman, Paul
Terror and Liberalism (Book Excerpts)
Bessel, Richard
Nazism and War (Book Excerpts)
Bin Laden, Osama
Declaration of War Against the Americans (Text)
Interview with Osama Bin Laden (Interview)
Bloom, Peter
Fighting the “Real” Enemy: Fantasizing the Liberal “Final Solution” (Essay)
Bonadeo, Alfredo
Mark of the Beast: Death and Degradation in the Literature of the Great War (Book Excerpts)
Bowman, Glen
Xenophobia, Fantasy and the Nation: The Logic of Ethnic Violence in Former Yugoslavia (Book Chapter)
Browning, Christopher S. & McDonald, Matt
The Future of Critical Security Studies: Ethics and the Politics of Security (Paper)
Brownstein, Daniel
Mapping the New Authoritarianism? Trumpism, Tampons, and the Nation’s Electorate (Article)
Bteddini, Lida
Writing Security: United States Foreign Policy and the Politics of Identity (Paper)
Buhrmester, Michael & Swann Jr., William
Identity Fusion (Paper)
Burrin, Philippe
Hitler and the Jews: The Genesis of the Holocaust (Book Excerpts)
Buzan, Barry
Security Concepts (Video Series)
Campbell, David
Writing Security (Article)
Carpentier, Nico
Strengthening Cultural War Studies (Book Chapter)
Caverly, Matthew M.
Nazi Militarism (Paper)
Chirila, Alexander
Creating the Idealized Nemesis: The Collective Psychology of the Red Scare
Cocks, Geoffrey
The Body Politic: Hitler, Paranoia, and “the Jew” in Modern Germany (Essay)
Conversi, Daniele
Modernism and Nationalism (Paper)
War and Nationalism (Article)
Crim, Brian E.
Wernher von Braun’s “Rocket Team” and America’s Military-Industrial Complex (Essay)
Demopoulos, Panayiotis
Götterdämmerung: Suicide Music and the National Self as Enemy (Essay)
Denton-Borhaug, Kelly
De-escalating U.S. War-culture: A Primer for Peace Advocates (Presentation)
Frank, Walter S.
The Reality of Battle: First World War, 1914-1918 (Book Excerpts)
Frčkoski, Ljubomir
Restless Nationalism (Book)
Freud, Sigmund
The Mechanism of Paranoia (Book Excerpt)
Fritz, Stephen G.
Frontsoldaten: The German Soldier in World War II (Book Excerpts)
"We are Trying... to Change the Face of the World"—Ideology and Motivation in the Wehrmacht on the Eastern Front: The View from Below (Paper)
Gardiner, Steven
Heroic Masochism: Masculine Privilege and the Uses of Pain (Paper)
Gentile, Emilio
A Never-Never Religion, A Substitute for Religion, or a New Religion?
Fascism and the Italian Road to Totalitarianism (Paper)
Geyer, Michael
“There is a Land Where Everything is Pure: Its Name is Land of Death” (Book Excerpts)
Goebbels, Joseph
Dr. Goebbels' Last Broadcast Speech, April 25, 1945 (Video)
The Jews are Guilty”: An attack on the Jews, November 16, 1941 (Essay/Speech)
Goldhagen, Daniel
A reply to my critics: Motives, causes, and alibis (Article)
Hitler's Willing Executioners (Book Excerpts)
Goschler, Juliana
Embodiment and Body Metaphors (Paper)
Griffin, Roger
Longing to Belong: Cultivating Transcultural Humanism as a Source of Identity (Paper)
Shattering Crystals: The Role of ‘Dream Time’ in Extreme Right-Wing Political Violence (Paper)
Staging the Nation’s Rebirth (Book Chapter)
The Metapolitics of Terrorist Radicalization (Paper)
The Palingenetic Core of Generic Fascist Ideology (Book Chapter)
Gullestad, Anders M.
Parasite (Political Concepts: A Critical Lexicon) (Paper)