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Library of Social Science
Publishing Assistant
Nations Have the Right to Kill
Nations Have the Right to Kill: Hitler, the Holocaust and War
“A psychological inquiry of great depth and tragic urgency. A deep humanity and informs this book which is full of original and provocative insights.” —Walter A. Davis, Professor Emeritus of English, Ohio State University
Dear Colleague,

We’re getting back into book publishing.

But the titles we develop will not be published through the Library of Social Science imprint.

Rather, we’ll be working with one or more of our book exhibit clients—which include some of the world’s finest publishers—to develop manuscripts.

We also will be deeply involved in working with publishers to market, promote and publicize the books we help to develop.

Library of Social Science’s Director, Dr. Richard Koenigsberg, is the author several acclaimed volumes:

  • Hitler’s Ideology (called an “instant classic” and considered the definitive work on the topic) went through four printings with LSS, and now is available through Information Age Publishing.

  • Nations Have the Right to Kill has received praise from historians, anthropologists, psychologists and religious scholars—as an innovative, groundbreaking work on the dynamics of collective forms of violence.

Koenigsberg is current working on a new book focusing on nationalism and the sacrificial meaning of warfare.

We also are in the process of bringing into print an edited volume, Paranoid Fantasy and Enemy Creation.

We week an intelligent, dynamic, well-organized individual to work with us on the development of these projects.

Please write to us with ideas on how you think you can contribute:
  • Leave a message with Richard Koenigsberg at (718) 393-1081.

We are located in Elmhurst (Queens), New York City—a 20 minute subway ride from the heart of Manhattan.

Best regards,
Orion Anderson
Communications Director
Library of Social Science