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You Can’t Argue with a Fantasy
Richard A. Koenigsberg
I rarely comment on “current events.” But recent events in American politics provide a high theoretical yield. I’ve written continually that the greatest impediment toward understanding Nazism is belief that behavior is governed by “rationality.”

The Presidential Candidate makes statements and puts forth propositions that don’t make sense to many analysts. They say he is “lying.” But it doesn’t matter: “fact checks” make no difference. The domain of politics is not governed by “truth.” People embrace ideas and statements that convey primal desires and fantasies.

A million commentators barely make a dent. You can’t argue with a fantasy. We are reaching the end of phase of Western history dominated by BELIEF IN RATIONALITY.

Ideology as Shared Fantasy (Koenigsberg's Theory of Culture)
The coin of the realm in politics is fantasy: the leader’s ability to express his own fantasies, and seduce others to share these fantasies.