Brill Social Sciences Newsletter (July 2016)
Brill at the 2016 Southwestern Psychological Association convention Brill at the 2016
Pacific Sociological Association meeting
LSS is pleased to present the latest Brill Social Sciences Newsletter. We’re working closely with this fine publisher to promote their latest books and recent issues of their journals.

Please click through the links below to read about each book or journal — and to make your purchase. Alternatively, recommend the books and journals to your college library. Brill publications — of the highest quality — belong in every college library seeking to develop a serious collection of Social Science titles. For more information on Brill, click here.

Over three centuries of scholarly publishing

    Social Sciences



Eros and Revolution

The Critical Philosophy of Herbert Marcuse

Javier Sethness Castro

June 2016 - ISBN 978 90 04 30869 5

List price: EUR 150.- / US$ 194.-

Studies in Critical Social Sciences, 86

On Coerced Labor

Work and Compulsion after Chattel Slavery
Edited by Marcel van der Linden
and Magaly Rodríguez García

June 2016 - ISBN 978 90 04 32643 9

List price: EUR 49.- / US$ 63.-

The Poverty of Work
Selling Servant, Slave and Temporary Labor on the Free Market
David Van Arsdale
August 2016 - ISBN 978 90 04 32337 7
List price: EUR 115.- / US$ 138.-
Studies in Critical Social Sciences, 90

Labor Conflict and Capitalist Hegemony
in Argentina

The Case of the Automobile Industry,1990-2007

Agustín Santella

August 2016 - ISBN 978 90 04 29151 5

List price: EUR 114.- / US$ 137.-

Studies in Critical Social Sciences, 89

Brill Launches New Collection of Review Journals


Brill Research Perspectives is a family of reference journals that provide an in-depth introduction to key research areas in the Humanities, International Law, and Social Sciences. Written by top authors in the field, they combine the verification of peer review, high usage of reference works and the pedagogy of textbooks. Launched in 2016, the package consists of 13 journals which are available in print and online. In 2017, 9 new titles will be added to the package.
For more information see

To subscribe to individual journals, the entire package, or to request a trial, contact our Sales department at (the Americas) or (Europe, Middle East, Africa & Asia-Pacific).


 A new table of contents is available for the following journals:

Brill is pleased to let you know that our 2016 Social Sciences Catalog is now available. This new catalog contains all the details on our new and forthcoming titles.


For the electronic version please visit our website and download the available PDF (1.2 Mb) or Excel.


Please send an e-mail with you full address details to if you want to receive a printed copy of this catalog.

Rosanna Woensdregt will be attending the Third ISA Forum which will be convened in Vienna, Austria, 10-14 July 2016 on the theme “The Futures We Want: Global Sociology and the Struggles for a Better World.”

This theme encourages a forward-orientation in empirical, theoretical, and normative research to tackle the problems and opportunities that often cut across borders.


Brill’s Acquisitions Editor Jason Prevost will be attending the 2016 Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association. It provides the opportunity for professionals involved in the scientific study of society to share knowledge and new directions in research and practice.

The theme for the 2016 Annual Meeting: “Rethinking Social Movements: Can Changing the Conversation Change the World?".

The Annual Meeting will be held August 20-23, 2016, in Seattle, Washington.

All of Brill’s books are published simultaneously in print and electronic formats. For more information about all our E-Book purchase options, please visit our website.


Brill’s MyBook program gives users with access to an E-Book on the option to purchase a paperback copy for only EUR 25 / US$ 25 per copy.

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