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Some of the world's finest publishers exhibit through
Library of Social Science's acclaimed Promotional Package
LIBRARY OF SOCIAL SCIENCE'S PROMOTIONAL PACKAGE provides publishers with the opportunity to exhibit at each and every one of our conference book exhibits at a single fee. Please scroll down the page for photos of publishers who took advantage of this extraordinary opportunity (in 2018) to exhibit with savings of up to 80% as compared with exhibiting on a conference by conference basis.
A leading international publisher in the social sciences and humanities, producing cutting-edge work of the highest quality.
APA Books
The world’s largest scientific and professional organization in the field, APA is the prime source for psychology titles, academic or clinical.
Founded in 1683, Brill publishes over 700 books per year, focusing on the humanities and social sciences. Their reference works are world renowned.
University of Chicago Press
Disseminates scholarship of the highest standard with works that promote education, foster public understanding and enrich cultural life.
Demeter Press
Demeter is an independent feminist press committed to publishing peer-reviewed scholarly work, fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction on mothering, reproduction, sexuality and family.
Stanford University Press
Books of scholarship that both extend and challenge prevailing views in the academy and society, illuminating the human condition.
Cambridge Schoalrs Publishing
An independent academic publishing house committed to championing original thinking, placing authors at the heart of everything they do.
SUNY Press
Acclaimed international publisher, SUNY capitalizes on the latest advances in communication to offer innovative publications to fulfill the needs of readers around the world.
Verso Books
The largest independent radical publishing house in the English-speaking world, publishing 100 books a year.
Guilford Press
Publishing over 90 new books each year, the Press has built an international reputation as a publisher in mental health, education, and the behavioral sciences.
Teachers College Press
Committed to addressing ideas that matter most to educators, Teachers College’s books expand the dialogue between educational theory and practice.
Bayou Publishing
Creates practical, innovative resources for families and schools that are personally relevant and professionally reliable.
Charles C. Thomas
One of the largest producers of books in criminal justice and law enforcement. Their biomedical titles often become standard texts in their respective fields.
Springer Publishing Company
Springer is an innovative nursing, behavioral and health sciences, and medical publisher, offering over one hundred quality titles annually and more than twenty journals.
Nova Science Publishers
Nova Science Publishers, Inc. is one of the leading Scientific, Technical, and Medical publishers worldwide, publishing books by scientists from the top universities.
Peter Lang Publishing
Publishes monographs, textbooks and journals in 35 fields, producing around 2,000 new titles a year in English, French and German.
New Harbinger
Pioneering the scientifically-sound self-help book that is today's standard. Inspiring and enlightening, their books offer tools for real change. Research-based, clinically proven and concise, New Harbinger titles are respected for their enduring quality.
Nehora Press
Publishes translations of Rabbi Yehudah Lev Ashlag’s Introductions to the Kabbalah, maintaining high-standards of authenticity in teaching his material.