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Developmental Time, Cultural Space: Studies in Psychogeography
Howard F. Stein

A theory whose time has come: psychogeography is the study of how human beings contruct boundaries in order to protect the nation and shore up the self; to delineate inside from outside, who is to be included and who excluded.

How do personal boundaries come to be co-extensive with the boundaries of the group? Why do nations “build walls” to defend citizens from “penetration” by alien outsiders?

Howard Stein’s exciting, groundbreaking study is making waves through its capacity to explain what is now occurring…the “reality” of the world in which we now find ourselves—characterized by a “frenzy of border protection (Paul Kahn).”
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Howard Stein has been called “one of the finest minds engaged in the study of culture in our time” (Howard Schwartz, Oakland University) and “One of the world’s most original thinkers in the human sciences.” (Robert Endleman, author of Psyche and Society).

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“The scope of psychogeography is the unconscious construction of the social and physical world. Men and women fashion the world out of the substance of their psyches from the experience of their bodies. They project psychic contents outward.”

“Fantasies about the body are transmuted into descriptions of one’s own group, and other groups—into shapes and features of the world. Projected outward, the fate of the body becomes the fate of the world.”

INTRODUCING PSYCHOGEOGRAPHY: The study of the psychology and social construction of BOUNDARIES: How we delineate inside and outside; who is to be included and who excluded. How do our personal boundaries come to be felt as co-extensive with the boundaries of one’s group?

Sometimes the appearance of a phenomenon is required to throw light upon a theory. It is almost as if the “build the wall” movement came into being to draw attention to Howard Stein’s groundbreaking concept of psychogeography.

“People seek secure boundaries,” Stein says, in order to “differentiate between us and them, inside and outside, good and evil.” Boundaries must be closed, and “anything which might threaten the perfection of greatness within must be excluded.”

Psychogeography is the study of how nations build walls in order to protect citizens from “demonized dangers from beyond the borders” (Daniel Brownstein).

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HOWARD F. STEIN is a psychological anthropologist and Professor at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. He is the author of fourteen books and over one hundred scholarly papers.

Developmental Time, Cultural Space: Studies in Psychogeography

Howard F. Stein