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We wish to express our appreciation to you—a reader of the LSS Newsletter. As you know, we often feature essays by Richard Koenigsberg on warfare and genocide. Many of you already have read his book, Nations Have the Right to Kill: Hitler, the Holocaust and War. If you have not, we want to make it easy for you to obtain a copy for your own research, teaching and writing.
This pathbreaking book is now available to readers of the LSS Newsletter at a nominal fee: $1.99 for the paperbound version (list $39.99) and $3.99 for the hardback edition (list $45.95). A limited number of copies may be purchased at the Amazon webpage for Nations (we will not be reprinting). Please click through now to obtain your personal copy.
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Click through to Amazon now to order Nations Have the Right to Kill at the nominal fee of $1.99 for the paperback (list $39.99) and $3.99 for the hardbound (list $45.95). Please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

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A letter to you from Orion Anderson,
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I’m writing to express my gratitude. Thank you for being a regular reader of the Library of Social Science Newsletter.

One purpose of the LSS Newsletter has been to convey the ideas of Richard Koenigsberg. He is the author of four books and numerous articles published in refereed journals. However, once we realized we could reach 4,500+ readers in a single day, we moved toward distributing his highly focused essays through our Newsletter.

When we began publishing Dr. Koenigsberg’s writings several years ago, we were aware that they were original—and disturbing. But instead of “shouting from the rooftops”—developing Dr. K as a “public intellectual”—we consciously pursued the strategy of conveying his ideas to a limited number of people—some of the finest scholars in the world. You know who you are.

We can’t mention all of you, but to give you a flavor of our project—the kinds of people we reach—we’ve provided on the right a list of just a few scholars that regularly read the LSS Newsletter.

The essays we’ve presented through our Newsletter grow out of Koenigsberg’s Nations Have the Right to Kill: Hitler, the Holocaust and War. Many of you own and have read this book. But if you have not, we want to make it easy for to obtain copy—to use in your own research, teaching and writing.

There are a few copies remaining in our Amazon warehouse. We are making the book available for readers of the LSS Newsletter at the nominal fee of $1.99 for the paperback version (list $39.99), and $3.99 for the hardback edition (list $45.95).

Click through to Amazon now. We will not be reprinting Nations Have of the Right to Kill.

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Nations Have the Right to Kill: Hitler the Holocaust and War

Table of Contents



Chapter I: The Logic of the Holocaust

  • Introduction
  • Jewish Disease within the German Body Politic
  • Devotion to Germany
  • Jewish Individualism as Negation of the German Community
  • Who Shall Live and Who Shall Die?
  • Jews Too Shall Die

Chapter II: The Sacrificial Meaning of the Holocaust

  • Introduction
  • Worshipping Germany
  • Jewish Destructiveness
  • War as a Sacrificial Ritual
  • The Duty to Lay Down One's Life
  • Soldiers as Sacrificial Victims
  • The Right to Destroy Millions of Men
  • Die for Germany-or be Killed


Chapter III: As the Soldier Dies, So the Nation Comes Alive

  • Introduction
  • Obfuscation in the Depiction of Warfare
  • The Magnitude of Destruction and Futility of the First World War
  • What Was Going On?
  • Reification of the Nation-State
  • Willingness to Die as Declaration of Devotion
  • As the Soldier Dies, so The Nation Comes Alive

Chapter IV: Virility and Slaughter

  • Introduction
  • The First World War as Perpetual Slaughter
  • Doctrine of the “Offensive at All Costs”
  • The Battle of the Somme
  • Virility-The Battle of Verdun
  • The Sacred Ideal
  • Virility and Slaughter

Chapter V: Aztec Warfare, Western Warfare

  • Aztec Warfare
  • The First World War
  • Why the Perpetual Slaughter?
  • The Body and Blood of the Soldier Gives Rise to the Reality of the Nation
  • War as Potlatch
  • Warfare as Truth
  • The Nation-State Kills Its Own Soldiers


Chapter VI: Dying for the Country

  • Introduction
  • Why Did Hitler Wage War?
  • Identity of Self and Nation
  • Aryan Willingness for Self-Sacrifice
  • Hitler's Experience of the First World War
  • Willingness to Die for One's Country
  • Why do the Best Human Beings Die in War While the Worst Survive?
  • Jewish “Shirkers”
  • As German Soldiers Die, So Must Jews
  • Sacrificial Death Stripped of Honor

Chapter VII: The Logic of Mass Murder

  • Introduction
  • The First World War
  • Hitler and the First World War
  • The Euthanasia Program
  • Obedience (Unto Death)
  • Hitler Goes to War
  • The Explanation
  • Conclusion