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Hitler's Ideology: A Study in Psychoanalytic Sociology
Richard A. Koenigsberg
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Elizabeth Schant-Bradley with her copy of Hitler's Ideology—after Koenigsberg’s Plenary Talk at the Annual Holocaust Conference at Millersville University (with Conference Director Jack Fischel)

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This work deserves to be an instant classic. With care and caution, Koenigsberg remains close to the data from which he adduces his theory. Koenigsberg suggests that what is at stake is larger than an explanation of Hitler, Nazism, or even nationalism: it is, rather, an explanation of culture itself. Koenigsberg's genius has unlocked many of the unconscious secrets of a timeless drama.
—Howard F. Stein, Journal of Psychoanalytic Anthropology
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and teachers on: Hitler, Nazism, the
Holocaust and Fascism.
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The LIST OF TABLES below present what Koenigsberg discovered—the central
themes of Hitler's ideology.

Dr. Koenigsberg is one of the few authorities on Hitler and Nazism whose formal training is in (Experimental) Social Psychology. What is unique about Hitler’s Ideology is it rigorous methodology. Koenigsberg identifies Hitler’s main ideas or themes inductively—through comprehensive analysis of the central images and metaphors that appear in Hitler’s writing and speeches.

Koenigsberg presents his data or findings in tabular form. Historians often refer to this book first—citing passages directly. No researcher doing serious work on Hitler, Nazism, and the Holocaust can be without this foundational study.