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Psychoanalysis of Racism, Revolution and Nationalism
Richard A. Koenigsberg
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Richard Koenigsberg, Michael Dukakis and The Psychoanalysis of Racism, Revolution and Nationalism. Michael was defeated in the 1988 Presidential election. Had he read the book before his run, perhaps the outcome would have been different.

The Psychoanalysis of Racism, Revolution and Nationalism

Richard A. Koenigsberg

Table of Contents

I. The Country, the Mother and Infantile Narcissism

  1. Introduction
  2. The Country as Suffering Mother
  3. The Country as Omnipotent Mother
  4. The Country as a Projection of Infantile Narcissism

II. The Country as a Living Organism

  1. Racism and Revolution as a Wish to Eliminate the "Disease" from Within the
    Body of the Nation
  2. The Disease Within the Nation as a Projection of Malignant Internal Objects

III. Revolution as a Struggle against Passivity

  1. The Struggle Against Passivity: Hitler
  2. The Struggle Against Passivity: Lenin
  3. The Struggle Against Passivity: Aurobindo

IV. The Social Psychology of Nationalism

  1. The "National Community"
  2. Totalitarianism
The Renunciation of Personal Gratification in the Name of a Devotion to the Collectivity