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Demeter Press:
Mothers, Military, and Society
Mothers, Military, and Society

Publication Date: February 2018
Page Count: 250
ISBN: 978-1-77258-141-6

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In 2006, Andrea O’Reilly founded Demeter Press, the first scholarly and feminist publisher to specifically focus on the topic of mothering and motherhood. Since then, Demeter has established itself as a significant press—with a unique, passionate voice.

Why is motherhood not often acknowledged as a subject position in constituting gendered identities? Editor-in-Chief O’Reilly believes that Motherhood Studies must become an inclusive discipline, representing a “wide range of voices and perspectives.”

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You may learn more—and explore the books of this exciting press—by clicking here. An interview with Andrea O’Reilly, “Motherhood is NOT a liability,” appears here.

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About the Book

“Motherhood” and “military” are often viewed as dichotomous concepts, with the former symbolizing feminine ideals and expectations, and the latter suggesting masculine ideals and norms. Mothers, Military, and Society contributes to a growing body of research that disrupts this false dichotomy. This interdisciplinary and international volume explores the ways in which mothers and the military converse, align, contest, and intersect in society. Through chapters that include in-depth case studies, theoretical perspectives and personal narratives, this book offers insights into the complex relationship between motherhood and the military in ways that will engage both academic and non-academic readers alike.

About the Authors

Sarah Cote Hampson is an Assistant Professor of Public Law at the University of Washington Tacoma. Udi Lebel is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Ariel University. Nancy Taber is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education, Brock University.

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