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Book Exhibit of the Society for Cross Cultural Research
February 21-24, 2018. Las Vegas, NV
Please scroll down the page for photos—and a report on
Library of Social Science’s exciting book exhibit at the recent SCCR meeting.
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We’ve completed our first book exhibit of 2018. PLEASE SCROLL DOWN THE PAGE for photos of each publisher’s books that were included in the SCCR exhibit.

We’ve also included LINKS to the home or order page of each publisher. This allows recipients of this LSS Newsletter to learn more about each press—and to purchase books.

You are receiving this Newsletter because you are a publisher. However, we are sending a similar flyer to our database of 30,000 scholars, professionals and students around the world (many of whom are authors).

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Mei Ha Chan
Associate Director

Publishers Exhibiting
at the SCCR Conference

• Abigail Press
• APA Books
• Bayou
• Brill
• Charles C. Thomas
• Cambridge Scholars Publishing
• Demeter Press
• Edwin Mellen Press
• Eliot Werner Publications
• Guilford Press
• Information Age Publishing
• SEAS Publishing
• Kendall Hunt
• Multilingual Matters
• Nehora Press
• New Harbinger Publications
• Univ. of New Mexico Press
• Polity
• Routledge
• Rowman & Littlefield
• Teachers College Press
• Verso
• Worth Publishers

Overview of the Exhibit
APA Books
Cambridge Scholars Publishing

47th Annual Meeting of the Society for Cross-Cultural Research (SCCR)

Library of Social Science was pleased to create and organize a book exhibit for the 47th Annual Meeting of the Society for Cross-Cultural Research meeting held in Las Vegas, February 21-24. Conference organizer Alyssa Crittenden Ph.D did a wonderful job—and made sure that the LSS book exhibit was located at the center of the meeting space.

The LSS book exhibit was greeted by enthusiastic attendees, stunned by the extraordinary size—and relevance—of the books on display. Among the most popular titles were books published by Information Age, Demeter Press, University of New Mexico and Routledge.

The SCCR conference—with its exciting book exhibit—proved to be inspiring for conference attendees—contributing substantially to the intellectual value of the conference.

Charles C. Thomas Publisher
CC Thomas
Demeter Press
Demeter Press
Eliot Werner Publications
Eliot Werner
Guilford Press
ISEAS Publishing
Information Age Publishing
Information Age
Multilingual Matters
New Harbinger Publications
New Harbinger
University of New Mexico Press
New Mexico
Rowman & Littlefield
Rowman Littefield
Worth Publishers