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Sealing off the Boundary
Richard A. Koenigsberg
Where do you exist? Where are you now? Have you projected your being outward, to become a gigantic, omnipotent body (politic)? Or are you sitting at your desk? Do you fear being raped or attacked by illegal immigrants? Or are you having a cup of coffee.
The Psychoanalysis of Racism,
Revolution and Nationalism

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"A truly bold and provocative treatise."
  —Political Psychology (Journal)
Nations are conceived as bodies. We project our own body into a national body. One’s fragile, vulnerable self is blown up—to become a gigantic, omnipotent self.

Because territory is imagined in corporeal terms (Neocleous), the state seeks to secure it borders—its “orifices and entry points.” Orifices and entry points must be closed—to prevent penetration. Porous boundaries need to be firmed up, sealed off—walls built to protect the vulnerable self.

Still—always—one’s actual, fragile body remains contained within the fantasy of a of a gigantic, invulnerable body. Fear of penetration (rape) remains.

Anxiety is played out on a monumental scale. Walls must be built—nothing can be allowed to penetrate. Each and every orifice must be sealed.