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Library of Social Science exhibits perform a research function:
Bringing together a comprehensive collection of the latest and most significant titles.

Library of Social Science originated—not as a profit-making enterprise—but with the objective of disseminating significant research to scholars and professionals around the world.

Our book exhibits begin with this mission. LSS is unique in the time and energy we devote to research. We make a special effort to identify and display books authored by speakers.

Our exhibits perform a research function, conveying the “state of the art” in a given field, bringing together—at a single location—a comprehensive collection of new and significant titles. A conference book exhibit is perhaps the “best way to see the current state of affairs in any academic discipline—all at one place at one time.”

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1) A wonderful Library of Social Science Book Exhibit. 2) Titles at a Library of Social Science
book exhibit —
all displayed face-out.

3) Food—always a big attraction.

4) This table features books from APA Books,
Bayou Publishing and Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

5) Books from Cambridge
Scholars Publishing

6) Books from Random House, Red Wheel/Weiser and Verso.

7) Thames and Hudson Publishers' titles on Chinese and Japanese art and culture.

8) Books from Wisdom Publishing (left) and Tuttle Publishing.

9) Books from University of Hawaii
Press, and Encounter Books.

10) Books from SUNY Press and Springer Science + Business Media.

11) A table featuring books from ISEAS (Institute of
Southeast Asian Studies), ISBS and Encounter Books

12) Books from Encounter Books, The Johns
Hopkins University Press and ISEAS

13) Two of the world's great publishers:
Polity and Random House.

14) This table includes books from Polity (we always feature their titles in our exhibits), Springer Science + Business Media, as well as Thames and Hudson Publishers.

15) Books from SUNY: An outstanding scholarly publisher.

16) Books from World Scientific Publishers (left), Wisdom Publications and Tuttle Publishing.