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Library of Social Science is a Book Exhibit management company:
Our displays are a sight to behold

Library of Social Science is an exhibit management company (not a “combined book exhibit company”). We work closely with conference directors, program directors, event managers, authors and publishers—to put together an expansive, spacious display.

We never do “booths”—where books often are crowded together. Our typical exhibit consists of a minimum of ten tables, configured in an aesthetically-pleasing way. All books are displayed face out, providing easy access to each title, allowing conferees to browse in a leisurely way.

Our exhibits are unique in terms of their size and scope. At a typical conference, we represent 25-35 publishers, with 200-350 books in the display. Our exhibits are a sight to behold.

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Annual Conference of the Association for the Psychoanalysis of Culture and Society
Annual Human Behavior and Evolution Society conference
Annual Meeting of the Philosophy of Education Society
Annual Winter Roundtable on Cultural Psychology and Education
Annual Meeting of the Pacific Sociological Association