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Job Opening: Onsite Book Exhibit Manager
16th Annual Meeting of the International Society for
Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis
November 17-19, 2017, Portland, OR
Attendees gather around the books at a Library of Social Science Book Exhibit
We are looking for an individual to manage our book exhibit for this meeting onsite. You will be rigorously trained by—and have the full support of—the Library of Social Science staff.

This is primarily a sales position, however LSS book exhibits often becomes a central locus of the meeting so you will have the opportunity to connect with the major thinkers and authors in a given discipline.

To apply for the position, please reply to this email or write to oanderson@libraryofsocialscience.com.

If you are successful at managing this book exhibit, we will hire you as a regular onsite book exhibit manager for 2018, when LSS will be organizing book exhibits for over 25 exciting conference (to see our complete 2017 schedule, please click here).

Library of Social Science is the premier book exhibit company in North America, creating, organizing and managing book exhibits at cutting-edge scholarly and professional conferences. At each LSS book exhibit, we bring together a comprehensive collection of the significant titles on the conference theme. We represent the world’s most prominent publishers, a partial list of which is here.

To apply for the position, please reply to this email or write to oanderson@libraryofsocialscience.com.

About the ISPS-US Conference

ISPS champions the application of psychoanalysis, cognitive-behavioral and related individual, family and group therapies, in contrast to the current reliance on medication to treat psychotic disorders. Their rich conference brings together mental health professionals—psychologists, psychiatrists and nurses—as well as service users and their families. Topics discussed include all schools and methods of psychotherapy; drama, art and music therapy; psychotherapy’s interaction with genetics and neurology; the realities of those who have experienced psychosis; and phenomenology and society. This promises to be the most exciting psychology-and psychotherapy-related conference of the year. Click here to read the conference program.