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Brill's Digital Library of World War I
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Digital Library of World War I (Brill)
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• More information at brill.com/bdlw

Librarians: to receive information on obtaining free trial access, please contact sales-nl@brill.com (outside of the Americas) or sales-us@brill.com (in the Americas).
Brill’s Digital Library of World War I is an online resource that contains over 700 encyclopedia entries—plus 250 peer-reviewed articles of transnational and global historical perspectives on significant topics of World War I.

This collection includes Brill’s Encyclopedia of the First World War, an unrivalled reference work that showcases the knowledge of experts from 15 countries—and offers 26 essays on the major belligerents, wartime society and culture, diplomatic and military events, and the historiography of the Great War.

The 250 articles address not only the key issues from political, historical and cultural perspectives, but also engages with aspects of the war which have remained underexplored such as the neutrals, the role of women before, during and after the war, and memory. The chapters have been drawn from a select number of Brill publications that have been published in the last 15 years.

Brill’s Digital Library of World War I is a unique resource that will allow researchers to discover new perspectives and connections with the enhanced navigational tools provided.

Features and Benefits

  • First online presentation of Brill's Encyclopedia of the First World War, an unrivalled historical source and reference work for the Great War, offering themed essays in combination with 650+ shorter entries.
  • 250 peer-reviewed book chapters published in the last fifteen years.
  • Users can browse the database via an expandable listing, alphabetically, or via the search bar.
  • Users can also search by keyword, with each encyclopedia entry and book chapter assigned keywords (keyword list adopted from the International Society for First World War Studies).
  • Entries and chapters can be downloaded, printed, and exported.


Brill's Digital Library of World War I offers a combination of introductory, accessible material with recent, important, and high-level scholarship, and is therefore ideal both for students/newcomers, and for scholars. Anyone interested in twentieth-century military history and war studies; international relations, law, and diplomacy; and twenthieth-century social and economic history will enjoy diving into this extensive online collection