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Ideologies of War, Genocide & Terror
Part V: MacMillan - Neumann
This Newsletter—the fifth presenting entries from the Ideologies of War website—includes links to:
  • Margaret MacMillan on the Great War—with photos and videos
  • Mark Mahoney on the death penalty as human sacrifice
  • Myra Mendible on post-Vietnam syndrome
  • Excerpts from Lewis Mumford's books on the origins of civilization
  • Andreas Musolff, Mark Neocleous, and Boaz Neumann on the body politic
Please take your time reviewing the list of items below.
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MacMillan, Margaret
The Rhyme of History: Lessons of the Great War (Essay with Photos)
Mahoney, Mark J.
The Death Penalty: Three (of Four) New Perspectives (Essay)
Marx, Anthony W.
Faith in Nation: Exclusionary Origins of Nationalism (Book, Chapter 1)
Mayer, Ruth, & Weingart, Brigitte
Discursive Contamination: Terrorism, the Body Politic, and the Virus as Trope (Paper)
Mendible, Myra
Post-Vietnam Syndrome: National Identity, War, and the Politics of Humiliation (Essay)
  This essay is concerned with the extent to which Vietnam consistently plays out in popular memory as a psychodrama of humiliation, casting America in the role of victim. News pundits, filmmakers, and political leaders alike have exploited the evocative power of this humiliation tale, invoking its stock characters and themes to elicit predictable responses in target audiences. This affective logic binds subjects to cycles of compensatory violence, fueling militaristic strains in America’s political culture and setting the stage for a series of wars and interventions.
Mineau, André
SS Thinking and the Holocaust (Book Extracts)
Monnet, Agnieszka Soltysik
From Iwo Jima to Iraq (Video)
War and National Renewal: Civil Religion and Blood Sacrifice in American Culture (Paper)
Mumford, Lewis
The Myth of the Machine (Volume I): Technics & Human Development (Book Excerpts)
The Myth of the Machine (Vol. II): The Pentagon of Power (Book Excerpts)
Musolff, Andreas
Health and Illness of the Leviathan. Hobbes’s Use of the Commonplace Metaphor of the Body Politic (Paper)
Immigrants and Parasites: The History of a Bio-social Metaphor (Paper)
Metaphor, Nation and the Holocaust: The Concept of the Body Politic (Book Extracts)
Metaphorical Parasites and "Parasitic" Metaphors: Semantic Exchanges Between Political and Scientific Vocabularies (Paper)
The metaphor of the “body politic” across languages and cultures (Paper)
What can Critical Metaphor Analysis Add to the Understanding of Racist Ideology? Recent Studies of Hitler’s Anti-Semitic Metaphors (Paper)
What role do metaphors play in racial prejudice? The function of antisemitic imagery in Hitler’s Mein Kampf (Paper)
Neocleous, Mark
The Fate of the Body Politic (Paper)
Neumann, Boaz
The Phenomenology of the German People’s Body (Volkskörper) and the Extermination of the Jewish Body (Paper)