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Ideologies of War, Genocide & Terror
Part III: Hinton - Kahn
This Newsletter—the third presenting entries from the Ideologies of War website—includes links to:
  • An entire book on genocide (Alex Hinton)
  • A video of the famous anti-Semitic film, The Eternal Jew
  • A video of a Nazi mass-rally at Nuremberg
  • Links to Saddam Hussein on the "Mother of all Battles"
  • Adam Jones' important paper on the Nazi genocide of Soviet prisoners of war
  • Paper by Paul Kahn, one of the most creative scholars of the 21st century.
Please take your time reviewing the list of items below.
Then click through to read any document.
Hinton, Alexander
Annihilating Difference: The Anthropology of Genocide (eBook)
Hippler, Fritz
The Eternal Jew (Video, Nazi propaganda film)
Hitler, Adolf
Mass Nationalistic Insanity (Video)
  Excerpt from the 1935 Nazi propaganda film The Triumph of the Will, chronicling the 1934 Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg, which was attended by more than 700,000 supporters.
Mein Kampf (Book)
Metaphor of the Jewish Parasite: “The National Body is Being Consumed” (from Koenigsberg, Hitler’s Ideology)
Sacrifice (from Koenigsberg, Hitler’s Ideology)
The Political Testament of Adolf Hitler
Hitler Historical Museum
World War 2 Death Count (Statistics)
Hobbes, Thomas
Frontispiece to Leviathan (Image)
Hussein, Saddam
Address by the Iraqi President to Mark the 82nd Anniversary of the Establishment of the Country's Army (Speech, Jan. 6, 2003)
President Saddam Hussein's Address on the 9th Anniversary of the Grand Battle, "Mother of all Battles" (Speech, Jan. 17, 2000)
Iraq Body Count
Total violent deaths including combatants (Statistics)
Jones, Adam
Case Study: Soviet Prisoners-of-War (POWs), 1941-42 (Paper)
  “In a mere eight months of 1941-42, the invading German armies killed an estimated 2.8 million Soviet prisoners-of-war through starvation, exposure, and summary execution. This little-known gendercide vies with the genocide in Rwanda as the most concentrated mass killing in human history.”
Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction (Book Chapters)
Jones, James
Why Does Religion Turn Violent? A Psychoanalytic Exploration of Religious Terrorism (Paper)
Kahn, Paul
Crossing the Border Between Law and Sovereignty (Chapter 5 of Sacred Violence)
  “The sovereign is born in a sacrificial shedding of blood that marks a new appearance of the sacred.”
Evil and European Humanism (Paper)
  “One of the great puzzles of the West is to understand how culture has been tied to practices of evil. One view is that evil arises from the failure of culture – as if the civilizing forces have not been quite strong enough to overcome the brutish state of nature. The opposite view is that nature is innocent and that evil is the product of culture itself.”
Imagining Warfare (Article)
Law and Theology (Paper)
Philosophy and the Politics of Unreason (Paper)
  “Regardless of its position on health care, the state is also an institution willing to deploy violence, death, and destruction. Our national narrative is organized around killing and being killed, at least as much as it is around the lowering of mortality rates or increasing gross domestic product.”
Putting Liberalism in Its Place (Introduction to the Book)