Brill: Literature and Cultural Studies Newsletter (May, 2017)
Brill, one of the world’s finest publishers, is participating in Library of Social Science’s 2017 PREMIUM PROMOTIONAL PACKAGE. Their books and journals will be presented at every one of our exhibits, and will be featured in the LSS Newsletter, which reaches 35,000 scholars, professionals and students around the world.
Below is the latest issue of Brill’s Literature and Cultural Studies Newsletter. Enjoy.

Congratulations to Rick Cousins! The author has recently received the Ann Sdlemyer Award 2017 of the Canadian Association for Theatre Research for his Spike Milligan’s Accordion

      Literature and Cultural Studies


Le clair-obscur « extrême contemporain »

Pierre Bergounioux, Pierre Michon, Patrick Modiano et Pascal Quignard

Julia Holter

May 2017 - Hardback

ISBN 978 90 04 32248 6 - € 89

E-ISBN 978 90 04 34130 2 - € 75

Chiasma, 40

The Fiction of Robin Jenkins

Some Kind of Grace

Edited by Linden Bicket and
Douglas Gifford

April 2017 - Hardback

ISBN 978 90 04 33704 6 - € 116

E-ISBN 978 90 04 34249 1 - € 105

SCROLL: Scottish Cultural Review of Language and Literature, 26

Contested Communities

Communication, Narration, Imagination

Edited by Susanne Mühleisen

June 2017 - Hardback

ISBN 978 90 04 33526 4 - € 104

E-ISBN 978 90 04 33528 8 - € 104

Liban. Mémoires fragmentées d’une guerre obsédante

L’anamnèse dans la production culturelle francophone (2000-2015)

Carla Calargé

May 2017 - Hardback

ISBN 978 90 04 34360 3 - € 132

E-ISBN 978 90 04 34361 0 - € 120

Francopolyphonies, 22

A new table of contents is available for the following journals:

Journal of World Literature

Special Issue: Ultraminor Literatures

Guest Editors: David Damrosch and Bergur Rønne Moberg


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Gender Matters

Discourses of Violence in Early Modern Literature and the Arts

Edited by Mara R. Wade


Gender Matters is a fascinating piece of reading, and, although the scope of scholarship presented seems too wide initially, the thematic chapters offer novel approaches to early modern studies. The main strength of the volume is its heterogeneity; it tackles interdisciplinary subjects and, more importantly, it introduces a broad perspective that points beyond the European framework in early modern studies and includes such rarely addressed issues in early modern art and culture in Japan. […] the volume fulfills its main goal and presents a holistic view of the early modern period that helps with the understanding of this era more fully, and similar endeavors would be greatly welcomed in future early modern studies.”

- Zita Turi, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, in Sixteenth Century Journal,
vol. 46.1 2015, pp. 197-199


“A major strength of this collection is its transnational focus. Readers seeking a global perspective on early modern culture will find this text particularly fulfilling. […] Another strength of this collection is that the essays are widely interdisciplinary. Unlike many similar essay collections, the variety in this text demonstrates the pervasiveness of gendered violence — and it shows how easily scholars can arrive at similar conclusions about the systems of power in society while using different toolsets. […] Scholars specifically focused on violence or gender will easily find plenty to love here, of course, and the interdisciplinary focus might provide some necessary breadth to such research.”

- Matt Carter, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, in Renaissance Quarterly,
vol. 68.3, pp. 1105-1106

Topodynamics of Arrival

Essays on Self and Pilgrimage

Edited by Gert Hofmann and Snježana Zorić


“The volume is a fascinating addition and complementation to the debate on the spatial turn and spatial practices linked to the concepts of arrival and departure, real and metaphorical pilgrimages, the construction of identities through travel and the "'topo-dynamic' human presence." (16) Travelling turns into metamorphosis with people in a state of liminality. The pilgrims/travellers journey through the chronotopes and their experiences both "re-create and re-imagine the human self" (13) and the way the Other is perceived and constructed in a dialogue between persons and topography. The essays deal with a great variety of sources and systems of signification: literature, monuments, myths and rituals in a European and even global context.”

- Joachim Schwend, University of Leipzig, in Journal for the Study of British Cultures,
Vol 20.2 2013

Masja Horn will attend the ALA conference in Boston, held 25-27 May.


Christa Stevens will be present at the GAPS conference in Bonn, Germany, held 25-27 May.

Congratulations to Rick Cousins! The author has recently received the Ann Saddlemyer Award 2017 of the Canadian Association for Theatre Research for his Spike Milligan’s Accordion.