Brill: Social Sciences Newsletter (May, 2017)
Brill, one of the world’s finest publishers, is participating in Library of Social Science’s 2017 PREMIUM PROMOTIONAL PACKAGE. Their books and journals will be presented at every one of our exhibits, and will be featured in the LSS Newsletter, which reaches 35,000 scholars, professionals and students around the world.
Below is the latest issue of Brill’s Social Sciences Newsletter. Enjoy.

Perspectives on Global Development and Technology, read a Special Issue, Crossing Borders: People, Capital, Culture

Over three centuries of scholarly publishing

    Social Sciences


European Values

Trends and Divides Over Thirty Years

Edited by Pierre Bréchon and
Frédéric Gonthier

April 2017 - Hardback

ISBN 978 90 04 34105 0 - € 113
E-ISBN 978 90 04 34106 7 - € 75 

European Values Studies, 17

Protests and Generations: Legacies and Emergences in the Middle East, North Africa and the Mediterranean

Edited by Mark Muhannad Ayyash and Ratiba Hadj-Moussa

ISBN 978 90 04 33815 9 - € 119

E-ISBN 978 90 04 34451 8 - € 109

Youth in a Globalizing World, 5

Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion

Volume 8: Pentecostals and the Body

Edited by Michael Wilkinson and Peter Althouse

May 2017 - Hardback

ISBN 978 90 04 34417 4 - € 160

Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion, 8

Mobilizing Public Sociology

Scholars, Activists, and Latin@ Migrants Converse on Common Ground

Edited by Victoria Carty and Rafael Luévano

June 2017 - Hardback

ISBN 978 90 04 22109 3 - € 99

Studies in Critical Social Sciences, 106

Sub-Imperalism Revisited

Dependency Theory in the Thought of
Ruy Mauro Marini

Adrián Sotelo Valencia

June 2017 - Hardback

ISBN 978 90 04 31940 0 - € 99

Studies in Critical Social Sciences, 105/07

Crossings to Adulthood

How Diverse Young Americans Understand and Navigate Their Lives

Edited by Teresa Toguchi Swartz,
Douglas Hartmann and Rubén G. Rumbaut

June 2017 - Hardback

ISBN 978 90 04 33646 9 - € 119

Youth in a Globalizing World, 4

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Perspectives on Global Development and Technology


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The Postcolonial Orient

The Politics of Difference and the Project of Provincialising Europe

Vasant Kaiwar, Duke University


"Vasant Kaiwar’s The Postcolonial Orient offers a sharp and perceptive Marxist assessment of a dominant concept in postcolonial theory: that the histories and peoples of the formerly colonised ‘East’ are utterly different from the colonising ‘West’, and therefore cannot be understood by concepts and analytical methods that emerge from that ‘West’. [...] a welcome contribution to Marxist scholarship in postcolonial studies. By historicising postcolonial theory and also offering an alternative, understanding of colonialism, capitalism, modernity and culture, Kaiwar’s book gives us the breadth and depth of field we need to understand the complex workings of capitalism with colonialism, ideology and culture."

  - Pravnav Jani, Ohio State University, Race & Class, Vol. 58(4): 106–119

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