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HITLER’S DREAM: Many bodies fuse to create one body

The essence of Hitler’s Nazi ideology—his dream for himself and the German people—is contained within the following passage:

My Movement encompasses every aspect of the entire Volk. It conceives of Germany as a corporate body, as a single organism. There is no such thing as non-responsibility in this organic being, not a single cell which is not responsible, by its very existence, for the welfare and well-being of the whole. Thus, in my view there is not the least amount of room for apolitical people.

The frontispiece of Leviathan (see below) conveys Hitler’s fantasy: each human body attached to the sovereign’s body is like a “cell” of this body. These human bodies constitute the sovereign’s body. Without these bodies attached to his body—the sovereign doesn’t exist.

What’s more, the bodies that constitute the sovereign’s body must stick together. Hitler explains to his people that they must “weld and fuse together.” Insofar as the people weld together, then Germany will “never fall to pieces.” All difficulties will vanish if the German people fuse into one and “hold together like a single block of steel.”

Hitler’s dream is the core fantasy of patriots everywhere: national unity. Hobbes’ image conveys the psychosomatic meaning of this fantasy. National unity means that the bodies of each citizen weld to the bodies of other citizens to create a single, gigantic body politic.

Hobbes, Thomas (1651). Leviathan.
The frontispiece to Thomas Hobbes’s Leviathan depicts the head and torso of a long-haired, mustachioed man. Upon close scrutiny, it becomes evident that the man’s torso and arms are composed of tiny individual persons, crowded closely together and each looking toward the head of the composite Leviathan.