Richard A. Koenigsberg, Ph.D.
  • Our book exhibits constitute comprehensive collections of the latest and most significant titles in a field. At any exhibit, we represent most of the publishers with books on the conference theme or topic. The books in our display (average of 260 titles per conference)—gathered in one spot—perform a research function for professors and students.
  • Instructors discover the significant books in their field for use in research and course development.
  • Professors pick up flyers and bring them to their acquisition librarians.
  • We agree to organize book exhibits at meetings that we consider significant. Attendees are authors and teachers—who determine books that will be used in courses. They also select books for their own research.
  • Conference organizers invite us back to their meetings year after year. They appreciate the contribution our exhibits make to the success and intellectual value of their conference.
  • We help define a discipline or field of research by bringing together significant titles. We provide a rare opportunity for scholars, professionals and students to see a comprehensive collection of titles in a single location.
  • We research to discover titles authored by speakers at the meeting—and make every effort to include these titles in our display.
  • A Library of Social Science staff member is present at every LSS exhibit (never “temps”). Our well-trained onsite managers discuss books with attendees and recommend titles. We manage the book exhibit from beginning to end.
  • We don’t do “booths.” A typical exhibit consists of 10-12 tables—organized in an aesthetically pleasing way at a central location—near registration and/or coffee breaks.
  • No advance payment is required. We bill clients three months after the meeting at which we exhibit their books.
  • Publishers may exhibit through our “Promotional Package,” which allows them to exhibit at each one of our conferences and to achieve extraordinary savings.
  • We encourage publishers’ representatives (editors and market personnel) to attend our meetings
  • We are skillful at obtaining adoption request forms and work with most of the major textbook publishers.
  • All books of are displayed face-out.