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Mothers in Public and Political Life
By Simone Bohn & Pınar Melis Yelsalı Parmaksız
Mothers in Public and Political Life
(Demeter Press)
Psychoanalytic Psychology

Page Count: 253

Publication Date: 2017

ISBN: 978-1-77258-105-8

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A Library of Social Science Publisher Promotion
Mothers in Public and Political Life (Demeter Press)
By Simone Bohn & Pınar Melis Yelsalı Parmaksız

Even though in most nations women are at least almost half of the population, in very few countries do they occupy a similar space in the formal institutions of political power. They are said to lack a key element for a successful career in public life: time. From this perspective, no one is worse off than women who are mothers. From another perspective, however, motherhood is thought to help politicize women, as this life-changing experience makes them aware of the limitations of some specific public policies (such as child-care, parental leave, gendered labor practices etc.) as well as more conscious of the centrality of more encompassing public policies, such as education, health care, and social assistance. This book explores the challenges, obstacles, opportunities and experiences of mothers who take part in political and/or public life.

Author Biographies

Simone Bohn is Associate Professor of Political Science at York University, where she coordinates the Brazil Chair and the Brazilian Studies. Dr. Bohn’s research focuses on political parties in South America, gender and politics in Brazil, and the study of political tolerance and attitudes towards corruption in Latin America.

Pınar Melis Yelsalı Parmaksız is an Associate Professor at Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences. Yelsalı Parmaksız received her PhD in Turkish Studies from Leiden University in 2009 with the thesis titled Modernization and Gender Regimes in Turkey.

Demeter Press

Founded in 2006, Demeter is an independent feminist press committed to publishing peer-reviewed scholarly work, fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction on mothering, reproduction, sexuality and family. Demeter is partnered with the Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement at York University in Toronto. Named in honor of the Goddess Demeter, herstory’s most celebrated empowered and outraged mother, their books celebrate her triumphant resistance as a model for the possibility—and power—of feminist mothering.