73rd Annual Meeting of the Philosophy of Education Society (PES):
“Making Sense of Humanity in a Posthumanist Age”
March 16-20, 2017 • Seattle, WA
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Dear Colleague,

LIBRARY OF SOCIAL SCIENCE is organizing the book exhibit for the 2017 Philosophy of Education Society meeting (PES).

PES is an international forum that promotes the study of educational practice, policy and research, providing philosophers of education a high-visibility platform from which to speak to current pedagogical issues.

Their exciting annual conference explores education as a societal institution—and more broadly as the process of existential growth.

Presentations at the 2017 conference will examine the blurred boundary between the human and non-human, given advances in artificial intelligence, robotics and radical shifts in scientific, social, legal and political thought. Topics include AI and concepts of mind, free will, intelligence and moral agency; how human flourishing must consider the non-human world; and educational implications of the “crisis in the humanities.”

This year’s Keynote Events are:
Presidential Address by Deborah Kerdeman (University of Washington)

Professor Kerdeman’s research focuses on hermeneutics: the philosophy of interpretation and understanding.  Her published work examines the implications of hermeneutic self-understanding for teaching, learning, educational policy and the humanities. Her aim is to help students cultivate the dispositions, habits of mind and skills of critical reasoning that will enable them to analyze and learn from life’s existential and moral challenges.  In an age dominated by instrumental discourse and market-based assumptions concerning education, educational philosophy provides an alternative framework for considering how education can promote personal transformation and further social justice.

Kneller Lecture by Georgia Warnke (University of California, Riverside)

Distinguished Professor of Political Science and Director of the Center for Ideas & Society. Her research interests include critical social theory, hermeneutics, democratic theory, and issues of race, sex, and gender. She is the author of five books: Gadamer: Hermeneutics, Tradition and Reason (Polity Press and Stanford University Press (1987, 1994); Justice and Interpretation (MIT Press 1993); Legitimate Differences (UC Press 1999); After Identity: Rethinking Race, Sex and Gender (Cambridge University Press, 2007) and Debating Sex and Gender (Oxford University Press, 2010). Professor Warnke’s graduate courses have focused on the Frankfurt School, Hermeneutic Political Theory and issues of identity. Undergraduate courses include political philosophy, feminism, and democratic theory.

This is the best meeting of the year to promote your titles on education from a sociological, anthropological, psychological or religious perspective to leaders in the field.

For information on exhibiting at the 2017 Philosophy of Education Society meeting, please email Hugh Galford at bookexhibits@libraryofsocialscience.com.

PES attendees seek titles on all aspects of philosophy, education and their social roles, including:

• Pragmatism
• Teaching methods
• Social justice
• History & cultural studies
Civic & social education
• Disability
• Gender
• Education policy
• Education reform

The Library of Social Science book exhibit will be located in the Yellowstone Room—at the center of the meeting space and open to attendees throughout the meeting.

Our professional exhibit managers will be on-site throughout the conference. We actively promote your titles by discussing books with conferees, distributing flyers and catalogs, selling books on-site using publisher-supplied order forms, and urging faculty to consider titles for course adoption and library acquisition.

For information on exhibiting at the 2017 Philosophy of Education Society meeting, please email Hugh Galford at bookexhibits@libraryofsocialscience.com.

With best regards,
Mei Ha Chan