POLITY books presented by Library of Social Science:
Available for purchase at special, discounted rates.
Polity publishes great books by some of the world’s greatest authors. And they are devoted to getting their books out into the world. Have you experienced a Polity display at a Library of Social Science Book Exhibit (see photo below)?

Their titles are featured at every one of our conferences on a full table (and often on two or three tables). Conferees are always excited to discover Polity’s new and significant titles.

To the right and below are just a few of Polity’s famous authors, with a link to one of their most popular books. Please click through the link for information on ordering at very special, discounted rates.

Click through any title link to learn about the book—and for details on ordering at a special, discounted rate
Slavoj Zizek
The Most Sublime Hysteric: Hegel with Lacan
Alexandra Howson
The Body in Society
Martin Shaw
What is Genocide?
Jacque Lacan
On the Names-
Anthony D. Smith
Nationalism: Theory, Ideology, History
Serge Moscovici
Its Image and Its Public
R. Danielle Egan
Becoming Sexual:
A Critical Appraisal of the Sexualization of Girls
Sinisa Malesevic
Nation-States and Nationalisms: Organization, Ideology and Solidarity
Barry Reay
Sex Addiction:
A Critical History
Philip Manning
Freud & American Sociology
Joseph S. Nye, Jr.
Is the American
Century Over?
Bruce Fink
Lacan on Love
Momin Rahman
Gender and Sexuality
Rebecca Sullivan
Pornography: Structures, Agency and Performance
Amitav Acharya
The End of American World Order
Christian Joppke
The Secular State
Under Siege