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LSS is pleased to present the latest Brill Asian Studies Newsletter (see below). We’re working closely with this fine publisher to promote recent books and issues of their journals.

Featured in this issue is Brill's online edition of The Japan Chronicle Online, the newspaper of record for Japan’s engagement with modernity and its emergence—through war, political and social upheaval and seismic social change in East Asia—onto the world stage in the first half of the twentieth century. For more information, click here.

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Over three centuries of scholarly publishing

  Asian Studies


Japan Chronicle Online


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Rethinking Socialism and Reform in China

ISSN: 2468-3035

Huaiyin LI and Chongqing WU

This series presents the most innovative studies in English translation by leading Chinese scholars, which have been originally published by Open Times (Kaifang shidai), one of the most influential journals in China that appeals to both academics and the general public. The planned volumes of the series cover a variety of themes ranging from the communist revolution, social control and mobilization, and everyday power relations in Maoist China, to name a few.

Mapping China

Peasants, Migrant Workers and
Informal Labor
Edited by Chongqing Wu

September 2016 - Hardback

ISBN 978 90 04 32637 8 - US$ 109.-

Rethinking Socialism and Reform in China, 1

Chinese Research Perspectives on the Environment, Volume 6

Edited by Jianqiang Liu

September 2016 - Hardback

ISBN 978 90 04 32459 6 - US$ 190.-

Chinese Research Perspectives, 06

Literary Forms of Argument in Early China
Edited by Joachim Gentz and
Dirk Meyer

September 2016 - Paperback

ISBN 978 90 04 33134 1 - US$ 36.-

E-ISBN: 978 90 04 29970 2 - US$ 163.-

Protestant Bible Translation and Mandarin as the National Language of China

George Kam Wah Mak

November 2016 - Hardback

ISBN 978 90 04 31627 0 - US$ 150.-

Sinica Leidensia, 131

Looking for A Road

China Debates Its and the World's Future

Edited by Shao Binhong

October 2016 - Hardback

ISBN 978 90 04 33080 1 - US$ 134.-

E-ISBN 978 90 04 33081 8 - US$ 121.-

China in the World, 4

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Autumn Sale at Brill


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The Allure of the Nation

The Cultural and Historical Debates in Late Qing and Republican China

Tze-ki Hon, State University of New York-Geneseo


"The Allure of the Nation is testimony to Hon’s decades-long research on the relationship between nation and history, a relationship about which every historian of modern China must be aware. [...] In total, the seven chapters of this book offer an alternative reading of China’s past where the dichotomies of revolution vs. reform, radicalism vs. conservatism, and East vs. West play a far more minor role than usually assumed."

 - Marc A. Matten, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Frontiers of Literary Studies,
Vol. 10.2 (August 2016)

The Šabdan Baatır Codex

Epic and the Writing of Northern Kirghiz History

Edition, Translation and Interpretations, with a Facsimile of the Unique Manuscript by
Daniel Prior, Miami University, Ohio


”Dr Prior in fact deals with his subject with extreme thoroughness. Not only does this book include a complete facsimile of the manuscript, it also contains a transcription into Roman script of the full text in the original language, with a translation and extensive commentary. A quite lengthy introduction gives the background to its text and its contents,  including very useful information about the complex history of eastern Central Asia during the sixteenth through nineteenth centuries, (...) He has dealt very thoroughly with the ms and produced an impressive work of very high quality.”
 - Stephen G. Haw, independent Mongolist, The Central Asiatic Journal, 56 (2013)

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