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Getting your book in front of its target audience.
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Publishing a scholarly or professional book is a long, arduous process—for both author and publisher—involving: writing a proposal; evaluating the proposal; contacting referees and receiving readers’ reports; modifying the manuscript to incorporate readers’ suggestions. From receipt of a proposal to signing a contract may take six months to a year.

Once editorial work is complete, there is typesetting, design, and getting the title listed on various databases—to mention just a few of the steps required to bring a book into print.

And there it is—a book: the result of years the author spent researching and writing, and a year or more people at the publishing house worked producing it.

Once the book has been printed (or is ready to be printed if it is a POD title), then what? What happens next?

The key to marketing a scholarly or professional title is to get it in front of its target audience—those people who will use the book for their research and teaching, or in their practice.

Library of Social Science has perfected a paradigm to create, organize and manage book exhibits for scholarly conferences. If one’s book is on evolutionary psychology, where better to market it than at the Human Behavior and Evolution Society conference? Here, at a single location, one can reach the scholars and teachers who focus on this topic.

If one has published a book on Chinese philosophy, what better place to market it than at the ASIANetwork conference? Or at the conference of the Asian Studies Development Program?

The mission of Library of Social Science is to develop—at each of the conferences for which we organize a book exhibit—a comprehensive collection of new and significant titles from the major publishers. We view exhibits as a service to attendees—conveying the “state of the art” in the field, enabling scholars, researchers, teachers, practitioners and students to keep up with the latest developments.

Our exhibits—located at the center of the meeting site—are a gathering place for attendees and often become a major feature of the conference. As the photos to the right and below show, conferees spend a substantial amount of time studying books on display.

Conferees are appreciative and excited—often stunned—by the breadth and depth of titles presented in our display. Conference organizers tell us that our exhibits contribute to the success and intellectual value of their meetings.

Library of Social Science is determined to assure that authors’ and publishers’ work are not in vain: that the book they have worked so hard to create reaches its target audience.

Closing out the 2016 exhibit season, we thank those of you who have made this year a fulfilling one: authors, the creators; editors, production and marketing people who have labored to bring books into print; conference organizers who provided space for our exhibits; and conference attendees who supported the entire effort by purchasing books and adopting them for course use.

Library of Social Science combines profound dedication to scholarship with determination to bring serious ideas into the world. We look forward to continuing our relationship with those of you who share this aspiration.

Best regards,
Richard Koenigsberg, PhD
Mei Ha Chan
Hugh Galford
Ryan Clement