Call for Book Proposals:
Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Library of Social Science is now working closely with Cambridge Scholars Publishing to help them build their (already significant) list of titles in social and political science. We encourage readers of the LSS newsletter to publish with this dynamic, fast-growing press—founded by researchers at the University of Cambridge.

CSP is an independent publishers, championing original thought—putting authors at the heart of everything they do.

Please REVIEW THE PROPOSAL INSTRUCTIONS BELOW. To get started, click here to download the proposal form. For details on publishing with the press, click here. To read about the editorial advisory board, click here.

CSP is terrific at promoting their books. They’ve participated in nearly every LSS book exhibit for the past six years. Please scroll down the page for photos of CSP titles on display at recent exhibits.

What’s more, Library of Social Science will aggressively promote titles developed as a result of this call. Indeed, we will be happy to work with authors to create multiple promotions that will be distributed to our database of 35,000 scholars, professionals, publishing executives and students around the world.

Read the invitation below for further details. Send your proposal—or questions—to Camilla Harding, Commissioning Editor at Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

PS: Information on one of CSP’s exciting titles is below. Click through here to download the Introduction and First Chapter.

Binaries in Battle: Representations of Division and Conflict
Enemy Images in War Propaganda
Editors: Marja Vuorinen, Noora Kotilainen and Aki-Mauri Huhtinen

Book Description

Defining things through binary opposition—male/female, familiar/foreign, life/death—forms the base of human thinking. Adding moral assessment to logic, we often represent binaries even as divisions into good and evil. Exclusions based on the division of Us vs. Them make their presence felt during any conflict, and become crucial in times of war.

Binaries in Battle is a wide-ranging, multidisciplinary anthology presenting the fundamental rationales of binary thinking. The evidence is drawn from historical and contemporary cases, covering both wartime and peacetime conflicts. Authors apply a wide range of methods, including linguistics, visual semiotics, ethnography, and organizational analysis.

This volume provides a solid understanding of the structure and manifestations of binary thinking. Deconstructing ideological discourses, it dispels black-and-white imagery, replacing them with softer shades of grey.

For information on ordering and to read the Introduction and First Chapter at no charge, click here.
Proposal submission

You are always welcome to submit a proposal

We publish monographs, edited volumes and conference proceedings on a wide range of specialist subjects. We also dedicate 10% of our publishing output each year to PhD dissertations by aspiring academics, in whose work we see particular potential.

You will receive a prompt response to your submission

All proposals are assessed by our Editorial Panel, which comprises leading academics with established publishing records and specialisms in their chosen field. We respond promptly to authors, typically within a four to six week period, because we believe that initiating the journey to publication should be as efficient as possible.

What we need

We recognise that research may be at varying stages of completion by academics considering publication, which is why we keep our proposal requirements as simple and flexible as possible. We have a short proposal form we ask authors to complete, covering the following areas:

  • Proposal overview: This should detail the goals of your research, where the material fits with the current literature in your field, the range of topics to be covered and any additional information you believe is relevant to the case for publication. The overview should introduce your work, those involved in its development and the wider academic context in which it sits.
  • Sample chapter: We do not require a full manuscript at proposal stage but a minimum of one sample chapter is essential to provide evidence of the academic quality of your writing. This enables our Editorial Panel to make an informed evaluation of the proposed work. The sample chapter should be taken from the main body of your work rather than an introduction or conclusion.
  • Academic Profile: Your profile needs to present your academic credentials. It should include details of your specialist qualifications, outline your current position and the institution to which you are affiliated and provide a list of all previous publications, including articles in academic journals.

Where to send it

Please send all proposals to Camilla Harding, Commissioning Editor. If you have a question about a submission you wish to make, please contact Camilla and a member of our commissioning team will respond as appropriate.

What happens next

We will acknowledge your submission as soon as we receive it. Our commissioning team will then review the submission to ensure that all the correct information has been provided and, if required, liaise with you to source any additional information to ensure we are in a position to proceed to a full editorial review. Proposals are passed to our Editorial Panel for a formal review, at which stage the scope, objectives and suitability for publication are assessed.

Once a decision has been made, our commissioning team will either contact you to outline our reasons for rejecting the proposal or confirm that your proposal has been accepted. If your submission is successful, a member of our contracts team will then arrange for a contract to be prepared and agreed with you.

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