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The Anthropology of China (World Scientific)
WORLD SCIENTIFIC—one of the leading scientific publishers in the world—exhibits at each of our 2016 conferences through the Library of Social Science Promotional Package. They’ve recently published The Anthropology of China. Please order at a 20% discount, or ask your library to order a copy (details below). To see a photo of WORLD SCIENTIFIC titles on display at a recent LSS book exhibit, please scroll down.


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The Anthropology of China
China as Ethnographic and Theoretical Critique
by Charlotte Bruckermann & Stephan Feuchtwang (London School of Economics, UK)
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World Scientific
The Anthropology of China
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The Anthropology of China offers novel insights into its history, culture and society. This book introduces key themes, including the anthropology of intimacy, morality, food and of feasting, as well as the anthropology of civilisation, modernity and the state.


  • Introduction
  • Anthropology of China: History, Regionalism, and Comparison
  • Kinship as Ideology and as Corporation
  • Relatedness and Gender
  • Love, Emotion and Sentiment
  • The Exchange of Money, Gifts and Favors
  • The Localization and Globalization of Food
  • Nature, Environment, and Activism
  • Ritual and Belief
  • Hospitality
  • The Stranger-King and the Outside of an Imperial Civilization
  • The Anthropology of the Modern State in China
  • Conclusion

pdf file Table of Contents (301 KB)
pdf file Chapter 1: Introduction (70 KB)
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