Report on the 28th Annual Conference of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society (HBES)
Book Exhibit organized by Library of Social Science
Vancouver, BC, June 29 - July 2, 2016
by Hugh Galford
Dear Colleague,

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  • BenBella Books
  • Brill
  • Cambridge Scholars Publishing
  • Cambridge U. Press
  • Charles C Thomas Publisher, Ltd.
  • Elsevier
  • Guilford Press
  • John Wiley & Sons
  • Nehora Press
  • New Harbinger Publications
  • Oxford U. Press
  • Pearson Canada
  • Penguin Random House Canada
  • Peter Lang Publishing Group
  • Polity
  • Princeton U. Press
  • Random House
  • Sinauer Associates
  • Springer SBM
  • St. Martin’s Press
  • SUNY Press
  • Temple U. Press
  • Templeton Press
  • Thames & Hudson
  • Transaction Publishers
  • Verso Books
  • World Scientific Publishing
  • Zero Books
  • Zone Books

28th Annual Conference of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society (HBES)
June 29-July 2, 2016, Vancouver, BC

HBES is the leading professional association for scholars, scientists and researchers working at the frontiers of evolutionary psychology. This fast-growing discipline is revolutionizing our understanding of human preferences, motives and reasoning processes. 600 attended this year’s conference.
Library of Social Science was pleased to create and manage the book exhibit for the Human Behavior and Evolution Society’s 28th annual conference at the Westin Bayshore hotel in Vancouver, BC.

Conference organizer and local host Laura Dane and her volunteers did a magnificent job. The book exhibit was located in the Bayshore Ballroom Foyer, outside the meeting rooms, surrounding the coffee and food stations.

The book exhibit's central location ensured a ready audience for the books on display. Many of this year's 600 attendees visited the book exhibit multiple times to meet with colleagues and discuss titles.

We received many compliments on the breadth of the book selections in our exhibit. Several attendees were amazed at how many topics were covered—providing a portrait of the “state of the art” in evolutionary psychology.

Our exhibit consisted of 12 tables, providing us ample space to display 220 titles from 29 publishers. Journals, catalogues and promotional materials—free for attendees to take—had their own table, as did textbooks for course adoption request.

Oxford, Princeton and Springer titles were the most popular at the conference. Attendees were particularly drawn to Oxford's Library of Psychology Handbooks.

Ann Caldwell stopped by the exhibit early and was thrilled to find her Human Physical Fitness and Activity (Springer) on display—her first book. She later brought friends around to show it off.

Transaction author Martin Daly stopped by during my set-up to ask if they had sent his forthcoming Killing the Competition. They had (as an uncorrected proof). Martin was able to let people know during his presentation, and several stopped by afterwards to pick up order forms. Hunter-Gatherers of the Congo Basin, Dawn and Mapping Our Ancestors (also from Transaction) got a lot of attention as well.

And Keynote Speaker Carol Ember was very happy to see her four Pearson textbooks available.

In addition to Todd Shackelford's books (Oxford and Springer), other authors' works that were popular included Robin Dunbar (Human Evolution (Penguin) and Thinking Big (Thames and Hudson)), Nancy Segal (Someone Else's Twin (Penguin)) and David Buss (The Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology (John Wiley)).

First time HBES exhibitors included BenBella Books, Zero Books and Zone Books. Each offered titles on different aspects of evolution and human behavior, and attendees spent a lot of time perusing their books. Harnessed, Sex and War and The Telomerase Revolution (BenBella); Advancing Conversations (Zero Books) and A Million Years of Music, A Society without Fathers or Husbands and Reason and Resonance (Zone Books) particularly held attendees' attention.

Other publishers whose titles proved popular were Brill, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Charles C. Thomas, Guilford, Polity, SUNY and Templeton.

Library of Social Science would like to thank Laura and HBES for the support they provided in helping us put together the book exhibit.

And we would like to express our gratitude to the publishers who participated in the 2016 HBES conference. Without your books, there could be no exhibit.

Best regards,
Hugh Galford
LSS Marketing Manager

Library of Social Science's HBES 2016 Book Exhibit.
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The book exhibit was located in the Ballroom Foyer, ensuring large crowds between sessions.

Springer SBM’s titles were constantly
being picked up and read.

Princeton University Press was
particularly popular this year.

Attendees gather to look at and discuss
Oxford University Press' titles.

Keynote Speaker Carol Ember
with her Pearson textbooks.

First-time author Ann Caldwell was
thrilled to see her Springer book on display.

Transaction's selection of titles kept attendees— including author Martin Daly—coming back!

John Wiley: David Buss' Handbook
got everyone's attention.
Penguin Canada: Attendees clamored for
Robin Dunbar’s Human Evolution.
Polity: Always one of our major exhibitors—
and a favorite of attendees.
Brill’s books always entice. First-time exhibitor Zone Books got a lot of attention for their titles’ subjects.