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Psychopathology and World Politics
World Scientific Publishing
Psychopathology and World Politics
Psychoanalytic Psychology Ralph Pettman

Paperback: 256 pages

Publisher: World Scientific

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-9814338691

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Ralph Pettman is professor of international relations at the University of Melbourne, Australia.
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The first title we’d like to present, Psychopathology and World Politics, focuses on an issue that is especially relevant today (one that Dr. Koenigsberg has been writing about).

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Book Description

This unique work looks at the relationship between psychopathology and world politics. What is to be done, for example, when a leader ceases to act in a seemingly sane fashion and yet still commands the loyalty of those who maintain him or her in office? What is to be done when a leader's advisers seem rational but are clearly not? Indeed, what is to be done when a whole society goes insane?

This book does describes psychopathology in general terms, and its relationship to world affairs. It then looks at denial in particular and at “speaking the truth” as a potentially therapeutic antidote, especially in relation to nuclear weapons. It follows this by looking at delusion and at what being “in touch” with reality might entail with regard to a so-called “failed state.”

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With topics ranging from Hitler's mental health to the continuing threat of nuclear Armageddon, this book is a valuable contribution to the field of international politics, modern psychology, and conflict resolution.


Students, researchers and academics in international relations and psychology/psychiatry; general readers interested in the relationship between psychopathology and world politics. 

Psychopathology and World Politics

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