Brill Social Sciences Newsletter (May 2016)
Brill at the Meeting of the Midwest Sociological Society. Brill at the 2016 Pacific Sociological Association meeting.
LSS is pleased to present the latest Brill Social Sciences Newsletter. We’re working closely with this fine publisher to promote their latest books and recent issues of their journals.

For those of you who were unable to attend our recent conferences, we hope you will spend time with the Brill Newsletter, and click through the links. You will be transported to an exciting world of information and knowledge.

Over three centuries of scholarly publishing

    Social Sciences


Karl Marx

Karl Korsch

April 2016 - ISBN 978 90 04 19395 6

List price: EUR 99.- / US$ 128.-

Historical Materialism Book Series, 85

The Origins of Collective Decision Making

Andy Blunden

April 2016 - ISBN 978 90 04 31496 2

List price: EUR 110.- / US$ 142.-

Studies in Critical Social Sciences, 84

Avant-Garde Cultural Practices in Spain (1914-1936)
The Challenge of Modernity
Edited by Eduardo Gregori
and Juan Herrero-Senés

April 2016 - ISBN 978 90 04 31017 9

List price: EUR 89.- / US$ 115.-

Avant-Garde Critical Studies, 31

The Sung Home. Narrative, Morality, and the Kurdish Nation

Wendelmoet Hamelink

April 2016 - ISBN 978 90 04 31481 8

List price: EUR 150.- / US$ 194.-

Studies on Performing Arts & Literature of the Islamicate World, 03

All of Brill’s books are published simultaneously in print and electronic formats. Libraries can order individual ebooks from the platform, please go to for more information. Brill also offers Brill EBook Collections and Brill Patron Select (PDA) options. Please contact our Sales department at (the Americas) or (Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific) for further details.

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Find our titles as e-books on Brill’s MyBook program gives users with access to an e-Book on the option to purchase a paperback copy for only EUR 25 / US$ 25 per copy. More information.

Capitalism’s Future

Alienation, Emancipation and Critique
Edited by Daniel Krier and Mark P. Worrell

May 2016 - ISBN 978 90 04 30030 9

List price: EUR 115.- / US$ 149.-

Studies in Critical Social Sciences, 85

A Decade of Namibia

Politics, Economy and Society – The Era Pohamba, 2004-2015

Henning Melber

May 2016 - ISBN 978 90 04 31932 5

List price: EUR 19.95 / US$ 24.-

La ficción histórica en la televisión iberoamericana

Construcciones del pasado colectivo en series, telenovelas y telefilms
Editado por María de los Ángeles Rodríguez Cadena

May 2016 - ISBN 978 90 04 31108 4

List price: EUR 79.- / US$ 102.-

Foro Hispánico, 54

Evolution and Human Culture

Texts and Contexts

Gregory F. Tague

May 2016 - ISBN 978 90 04 30536 6

List price: EUR 59.- / US$ 76.-

Value Inquiry Book Series, 290

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Bear Necessities

Rescue, Rehabilitation, Sanctuary, and Advocacy

Edited by Lisa Kemmerer

"Lisa Kemmerer's book reveals not only the tragedy and cruelty being imposed upon bears internationally, but also the successes in combating it...Equally thought provoking, sad, joyful, inspiring, the reader will experience all these emotions as the pages reveal realities rarely known before. This book commands a treasured space on any bear-lover's bookshelf."
Mick W.,  North Shore Black Bear Network

Brill will have a booth at the Historical Materialism 2016 Conference in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Acquisitions Editor Jason Prevost will attend.

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