Death to the Non-Believers: The Final Solution as Terrorism
Worship of a god conceived as omnipotent (“Allah” or “Germany”).
Kill infidels (those who do not worship the god that one worships oneself).
Fanatic believers worship a god, conceived as omnipotent. Bin Laden worshipped Allah. Hitler worshipped Germany. Nazism was a religious cult.

Fanatic believers find it intolerable contemplating the idea that people do not worship the god that they worship. Sometimes, they are so disturbed that they seek to kill nonbelievers.

Terrorism means killing nonbelievers. The Final Solution was an act of terror—designed to kill infidels—who seemed to rebel against submitting to the god to which the Nazis had submitted. Terrorism meant getting others to submit to the god, Germany.

Nazism was based on abject submission: obedience unto death. But what about those who did not submit to the god to which one had submitted oneself? “Death to the non-believers.”

The Final Solution compelled Jews to submit to the German god. They too would prostrate themselves before the nation—become obedient unto death.