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“I kill, therefore I am.”
Which historical figure produced the most corpses?
Terrorist philosopher Ali Benhadj stated that if a faith is not watered or irrigated by blood it “does not grow.” A belief needs to be reinforced by “sacrifices, suicide operations and martyrdom.”

Saddam Hussein called history a “record of sacrifices made in blood.” History is elevated to the status of belief when “sacred blood is shed in the most crucial situations.”

According to Islamic revolutionary Abdullah Azzam, history “does not write its lines except with blood.” Glory does not build its lofty edifice “except with skulls.” Honor and respect are established on a foundation of “cripples and corpses.”

“History” records the acts of political leaders who have killed a lot of people. Historical “significance” is measured by “counting skulls.” Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin and Mao are chronicled because they produced a monumental number of cripples and corpses.

As these leaders murdered millions of people, they may have reflected (winking to future historians), “I kill, therefore I am.”