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The Protectors of Indians in the Royal Audience of Lima

History, Careers and Legal Culture, 1575-1775

Mauricio Novoa

February 2016 - ISBN 978 90 04 30516 8

List price: EUR 129.- / US$ 167.-

Legal History Library, 19/10

Narrating Life – Experiments with Human and Animal Bodies in Literature, Science and Art

Edited by Stefan Herbrechter and Elisabeth Friis

February 2016 - ISBN 978 90 04 30259 4

List price: EUR 126.- / US$ 163.-

Experimental Practices, 1

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Facets of Russian Irrationalism between
Art and Life

Mystery inside Enigma
Edited by Olga Tabachnikova

March 2016 - ISBN 978 90 04 31111 4

List price: EUR 149.- / US$ 193.-

Studies in Slavic Literature and Poetics, 61


Embodying Meaning and Emotion

Edited by Walter Melion and Bart Ramakers

March 2016 - ISBN 978 90 04 31042 1

List price: EUR 226.- / US$ 293.-

Intersections, 41

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