Full Table Display for a Limited Number of Publishers at the Upcoming Annual Convention of the Western Psychological Association (nearly 3,000 expected to attend)
April 28 - May 1, 2016, Long Beach, CA
Please scroll down the page for a list of selected sessions from the WPA meeting—that provide a window on the current state of academic psychology—and the issues on the minds of today's college students.
Richard A. Koenigsberg

Portrait of the artist as a young man.

As a psychology major barely out of my teens, I encountered and studied with three of the greatest scholars of the 20th Century (please see below).

After receiving my PhD, I was promoted to Assistant Professor in Behavioral Science. However, after Brown, Fiedler and Berger—I was no longer suitable for an academic psychology position. I resigned—and several years later founded Library of Social Science.

In organizing the WPA book exhibit, I'm returning to my roots.

Norman O. Brown

Life Against Death: The Psychoanalytical Meaning of History

Peter Berger

The Social Construction of Reality: A Treatise in the Sociology of Knowledge

Leslie Fiedler

Love and Death in the American Novel

Dear Colleague,

I've gone through the 2016 Western Psychological Association program (193 pages) and have selected the most intriguing, provocative presentations (please see list below).

They provide a window on the current state of psychology.

Library of Social Science will have nine tables for our display—in the classic Library of Social Science style. We can accommodate a limited number of publishers who would like us to represent your press and its books with a full-table display. Please contact me now at rak@libraryofsocialscience.com for information on how we can make this happen—at a reasonable fee. We’d love to represent your press at this important meeting.

I encourage publishers—and as scholars in every academic discipline—to browse the list of sessions below.

You will be fascinated at what you discover about the issues that are on the minds of today's college students.

Best regards,
Richard. A Koenigsberg, PhD
Director, Library of Social Science

Please scroll down the page for a list of selected sessions from the WPA meeting—that provide a window on the current state of academic psychology—and the issues on the minds of today's college students.
A Full Plate, a Full Bed? Sexual Self-Concept and Binge-Eating Is Facebook Culturally Connecting Us? The Values Behind Online Self-Monitoring
Advances in the Culturally Competent Assessment and Management of Suicide Jealousy and Domestic Violence: An Exploration of Individual Differences
Aging and Nothingness: Group Therapeutic Factors With Older Adults Liberal Arts Majors in the Age of Anxiety
American Adolescents Mental Help-Seeking Among Male College Athletes: The Role of Masculinity and Athletic Identity
Are Religious Faith and Church Attendance Protective Factors Against Casual Sex? Mindfulness-Induced Emotion Regulation: Investigating the Underlying Processes of Mindfulness
Are Sexually Transmitted Infections Associated With Stress, Depression and Anxiety? Minority Status and Academic Achievement in College: Threat and Rejection 
Are the Unemployed Viewed As Immoral? Moral Development and Attitudes Towards Same-Sex Marriage and Homosexuality
Are There Career Consequences For Being a Stay-At-Home Dad? Offending Together: Peer Influence and Co-Offending Groups Among Juvenile Offenders
Attitudes and Prejudices Against Bisexuals Pathways to Care For Latinos Experiencing First Episode Psychosis
Beauty and Valor: Experimental Effects of Princess Fairytales Among Children Pornography Consumption and Relations to the Understanding of Anatomy
Beyond Duality: Pornography Use, Body Image, Attachment and Sexual Satisfaction Predictors of Optimal Well-Being: Altruistic Goals, Positive Emotions, and Spirituality
Body Strength and Fear of Falling in Older Adults Psychological Benefits of Yoga Intervention On Female Prisoner Population
Childhood Emotional Trauma: Predictors of Psychological Aggression in Dating Relationships Relationship Status, Regret, and Subjective Well-Being
Chinese Parent-Adolescent Relationships and Youth Adjustment Among Chinese Americans Religiosity Differences in Emotional Responses to Death
Comparing Religious Beliefs With Delusion: Is There a Difference? Return of Butt Man: Somatic Preferences and Objectification of Women
Controlling Your Body: Lack of Control Fosters Unhealthy Dieting Behavior Romantic Attachment in Older Adulthood As Compared to Young Adulthood
Developing Leader Self-Awareness Through Narrative Coaching Sexual Self-Esteem, Sexual Self-Efficacy and Sexual Assertiveness: a Significant Threesome?
Do Athletics Affect Women's Self-Esteem and Influence Risky Sexual Behaviors? Should I Go Greek? Conformity and Belongingness Among College Students,
Effects of Mindfulness and Meditation On College Students Psychological Functioning Substance Use, Parents, and Delinquency Among Juvenile Offenders
Empathy of Pain in Family Members of Chronic Pain Sufferers Tattoos and Their Effects On Social Perception
Ethnic Identity and Intercultural Marital Dynamics The Effect of Mortality Salience On Death Penalty Sentencing Decisions
Facebook, Puzzles, and Other Distractions: Are People Escaping the Self? The Effects of Materialism On Compulsive Buying Behavior and the Mediating Role of Stress and Depression
Friends Over Family? Social Support Factors and Health Outcome The Ideal E-Book For Children With Autism: Best Read Solo Or With a Therapist?
Friendship Attachment and Life Satisfaction: Does Being in a Relationship Matter? The Impact of Collective Rumination and Revenge Planning On Aggression
Getting Smashed and Smushing: the Risky Sexual and Drinking Attitudes and Behaviors of Female College Students When Exposed to TV The Relationship of Gender and Socioeconomic Status to Aggression, Hostility, and Acting Out
Gratitude and Depression: a Longitudinal Study On Cancer Survivors The Relative Contributions of Five Internalization Processes to Depressive Symptoms
Gratitude's Unique Positive Role in Development What Went Wrong? Campus Unrest, Political Diversity, and Freedom of Speech 
Helping Others, Helping Ourselves: Psychosocial, Cognitive, and Physical Well-Being Benefits of Generative Activity Who Am I? Exploring Multiracial Identity Development
Hooking Up: Attitudinal Predictors of Casual Sex Why Do People Reject Evidence When It Contradicts Prior Beliefs?
Images of God I: Conceptions and Relationships With God Work-Life Balance Practices, Employee Attitudes, and Behaviors At Work
Inferring Personal Value Through Clothing Choices Would You Be Happier With a Dog Or a Kid?
Is Cell Phone Separation Anxiety Real?