Presenting the Library of Social Science Book Exhibit at Annual Convention
of the Western Psychological Association (nearly 3,000 expected to attend)
April 28 - May 1, 2016, Long Beach, CA
to get a sense of what a Western Psychological Association convention is like.
Richard Koenigsberg, PhD
The Western Psychological Association (WPA) was founded in 1921 to stimulate the exchange of scientific ideas and enhance research in the behavioral sciences. Nearly a century on, the WPA welcomes professionals and students in Psychology and related fields to present their latest research and findings at their annual convention. With nearly 3000 expected to attend, this is a tremendous opportunity to promote your titles on all Psychology topics.
Dear Colleague,

When Library of Social Science began organizing exhibits in 1990, the business was more-or-less a hobby—giving me the opportunity to attend important conferences and to present papers.

Gradually, through the Nineties, we did more exhibits each year, with a larger number of attendees at each. I continued to present papers, but by 2000 the tail had begun to wag the dog.

Since 2001, Mei Ha Chan, Richard Klein, Hugh Galford, and Mary Helen Guider-Shaw have handled onsite work. I have been able to reach colleagues with my ideas and research—sitting at my desk (gee, I miss LaGuardia airport).

By 2010, the book exhibit business was flourishing. Coming up on April 21 in Long Beach, California, we’ll be organizing an exhibit for the Western Psychological Association (WPA), a meeting expecting nearly 3,000 attendees. As the photos below suggest, the WPA meeting has the feeling of a national conference.

We will have nine tables for our display—in the classic Library of Social Science style.

Library of Social Science can accommodate a limited number of publishers who would like us to represent your press and its books with a full-table display. Please contact me now at for information on how we can make this happen—at a reasonable fee.

No flights, no booking hotel rooms, no drayage company, no arduous, expensive set-up (OK, so you’ll miss the coffee breaks).

In 2015, Library of Social Science represented the books of over 250 publishers, including some of the finest, most prominent publishers in the world.

Please contact me now at We’d love to represent your press at this important meeting.

Best regards,
Richard Koenigsberg

Photos from the 2015 WPA convention appear directly below.
Please scroll down to view them all.

1) Registration 2) Exhibit Area
3) Poster Sessions 4) Poster Sessions
5) Featured Event 6) Very Intense
7) The Perks of Fame 8) Philip Lombardo, "The Voice and Face of
Contemporary Psychology"
7) Conferences on the West Coast differ
from those on the East Coast
8) California Girls
9) Yet and still, there are lectures 10) And lecturers