Library of Social Science 2016 Book Exhibits
(Please scroll down the page to view the beautiful photos)
Each year, Library of Social Science identifies and selects the best conferences—and organizes exciting book exhibits for these meetings. Based on extensive research, we put together a comprehensive collection of titles for conferees—who depend on our displays to keep current with the “state of the art” in their field.

Below is a sampling of a few meetings from our 2016 book exhibit schedule (photos from the 2015 meeting, or earlier). Please scroll down the page to see how LSS displays publishers’ books—and to get a sense of how our exhibits transform the conference experience.
APCS: Association for the Psychoanalysis of Culture and Society: The definitive conference on the psychoanalytic study of culture, society and literature. Our book exhibit is an integral part of their meeting (2016 will be our 20th anniversary with APCS).
ASDP: Asian Studies Development Program: Along with the ASIANet conference (directly below) this is the best meeting to reach Asian Studies scholars and teachers (with faculty members from over 560 universities).
ASIANet: ASIANetwork Conference: This organization is devoted to strengthening the role of Asian Studies within liberal arts education. Publishers who exhibit at this meeting along with ASDP (above) will reach most of the major scholars and educators in this field.
ASMEA: Association for the Study of the Middle-East and Africa: The best conference to reach academics and high-level policy makers researching and teaching on Middle Eastern, African and Islamic Studies. Publishers with books on these hot topics cannot afford to miss this essential meeting.
CDS/IACD: Community Development Society and the International Association for Community Development: The 2016 joint meeting brings together many of the world’s most prominent researchers and practitioners working toward sustainable development and community change.
D-45: Society for the Psychological Study of Culture, Ethnicity and Race (APA Division 45): The definitive conference on the psychology of ethnicity, race and minority affairs.
HBES: Human Behavior and Evolution Society: Evolutionary psychology is one of the fastest growing disciplines. The major scholars in the field attend this meeting to convey the latest research developments.
NLPA: National Latina/o Psychological Association: The Hispanic/Latino population is growing, and people of this ethnic background play an increasingly prominent role in American society. This conference brings together scholars and practitioners to examine Latina/o psychology and culture.
PES: Philosophy of Education Society: As youngsters, we took our curricula for granted. However, everything we were taught had to be decided at one time or another. What topic is more significant than the philosophy of education?
RSS: Rural Sociological Society: The largest organization devoted to the study of rural communities, attracting scholars and researchers from around the world.
TCWR Teachers College Winter Roundtable: This popular conference is the longest running professional education program devoted to studying the psychological implications of race, ethnicity, class and gender.
USIH: United States Intellectual History: This fast-growing organization focuses on the ideas and institutions that shape the American mind and cultural life. As we move into an unknown future, it’s important to know who we were.