For Authors: Online Book Development Course

Join a live, online classroom and develop your book with NY Times
best-selling author and literary agent, Wendy Goldman Rohm.
Wendy Goldman Rohm is a longtime reader and supporter of Library of Social Science Newsletter and its authors.

We encourage you to join her acclaimed, weekly online course to work live with Wendy to develop your book. Her digital classroom features document sharing, live audio and video, screen sharing, and chat. Participating writers are guided through the creation process each week, fine tuning and perfecting their manuscripts—from the seed of an idea to a high-quality first draft. The next 12-week session will accept 10 new authors and begins Sept. 20, 2015.

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The Hero’s Journey: Book Development Class With Wendy Goldman Rohm

Directly below is an outline of the syllabus.
To download the complete class syllabus, click here.


—Classes meet online once a week, live with Ms. Rohm

—Printed lectures are posted to writers every week prior to the class.

Week 1: Introduction and Overview: Getting to the Essence. What is a great book?

Week 2: Enticing Your Audience: “Overview” and “Competition” when drafting the first version of your outline.

Week 3: The Table of Contents and Chapter Outline: A Primer on Structure.

Week 4: The Role of Research, Interviews, Reference Material, and Personal Experience.

Week 5: The Role of Character. A “place” can also play the role of a “character.”

Week 6: The Outline. Create an outline for your book, no matter the genre.

Week 7: Production Schedule: Writing a Thousand Words a Day, and Other Antidotes to Writer’s Block.

Week 8: Honing Your Unique Voice.

Week 9: The Evolution of Ideas: Your book will change shape as you get more deeply into it.

Week 10: The Art of Suspense. Works of nonfiction also create opportunities for suspense.

Week 11: Photo Opportunities, Permissions, “Fair Use,” and other Author Concerns.

Week 12: Agents, Editors, and Query letters, Tips and Questions.

About Wendy Goldman Rohm
and the Writers Workshops:

Wendy Goldman Rohm, New York Times bestselling author and literary agent, has taught and lectured for MediaBistro, Yale University, and at numerous universities and organizations in the US, Europe and Asia. She has presented her writing and book workshops since 2002. The workshops were inspired by her Masters Teas at Yale University.

Rohm's work has been published by Random House, The New York Times Syndicate International, Chicago Tribune, Financial Times of London, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and many others. She founded The Rohm Agency (Chicago, NY, Paris) to represent emerging authors of fiction and nonfiction.

Her writing workshops have been held in the US, Mumbai, and Europe, and have featured guest artists including Pulitzer Prize finalist Suketu Mehta (Knopf); award-winning playwright Robert Auletta; and many others.

Rohm also hosts ongoing online Book Development Classes for authors worldwide. She welcomes contact at: