Hitler orchestrated the Holocaust:
“Do unto others as has been done unto you”
German soldiers in a cattle car bound for the front, World War I: Like sheep to the slaughter.
Jews boarding cattle cars bound for a death camp, World War II: Like sheep to the slaughter.

Denis Winter (1979) writes about German soldiers transported to battle in boxcars:

“After the stint at base, the railway took the men toward the front line. To a generation with visual memories of the railway lines running into Hitler’s death camps, tense faces peering from cattle trucks, there is something disconcerting about the imagery of this journey from base camp.

“The soldiers went in waggons of the same type, forty of them in each waggon, kit hanging from hoods in the roof. Death was a high probability for both.”

Robert Whalen
German Casualties of the First World War

Dead 2,037,000
Wounded 4,300,000
Missing or Prisoner 974,977
TOTAL 7,311,977

According to the official Army Medical Report, the estimated numbers of cases treated by doctors during the war were:

  Wounded Diseased Total
1914/15 1,579,023 4,513,215 6,092,238
1915/16 1,398,281 5,706,370 7,104,651
1916/17 1,303,322 5,491,044 6,794,366
1917/18 1,406,311 5,787,674 7,193,985
1914-1918 5,686,937 21,498,303 27,185,240

533,000 widows and 1,192,000 orphans.