Introducing Guest Newsletter Essayist, Walter Skya
In a series of articles written especially for Library of Social Science, acclaimed author Walter Skya will explore and analyze the ideological sources of Japan’s participation in the Second World War.

Walter Skya, PhD is Director of Asian Studies at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

Book by Walter Skya
Japan’s Holy War: The Ideology of Radical Shintō Ultranationalism. Durham and London: Duke University Press, 2009.  Reprinted, 2012.

Japan’s Holy War reveals how a radical religious ideology drove the Japanese to imperial expansion and global war. Bringing to light a wealth of new information, Walter A. Skya demonstrates that whatever other motives the Japanese had for waging war in Asia and the Pacific, for many the war was the fulfillment of a religious mandate.

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“Very detailed, very well written, and carefully researched. Japan’s Holy War is a classic work that should be on the reading list of every scholar of Japanese history. A major achievement.” –Daniel A. Métraux, Virginia Review of Asian Studies

“An absolutely outstanding and necessary work, a major contribution to international scholarly debate. Skya’s book will become the standard work on the intellectual and ideological history of modern Shintō.” –Klaus Antoni, University of Tübingen

“Walter A. Skya has something new and important to say about Japanese nationalism, and he says it through compelling, thorough research and documentation. Such an exciting, theoretically informed, comparative study of Japanese nationalism is long overdue.” –Kevin M. Doak, author of A History of Nationalism in Modern Japan: Placing the People

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