Library of Social Science is proud to work with Brill, one of the world’s greatest publishers (founded in 1683, publishing over 700 books per year), to present its titles at our book exhibits. Brill exhibits through our Annual Subscription Plan, which allows publishers to promote their books at each and every one of our 2015 conferences for a single fee.

We are pleased to present below the most recent issue of the Brill Social Science Newsletter. Click through any of the links, and you will be transported into a world of information and knowledge. We at LSS found their YouTube Videos especially fascinating. Enjoy!

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We would like to present you the extensive Social Sciences publication program published by Brill
Image: Book cover
Edited by Jan Rehmann
October 2014
ISBN 978 90 04 27179 1
List price: EUR 149.- / US$ 193.-
Historical Materialism Book Series, 78
Image: Book cover
Race and Racism in Modern East Asia
Western and Eastern Constructions
Edited by Rotem Kowner and Walter Demel
September 2014
ISBN 978 90 04 28550 7
List price: EUR 37.- / US$ 49.-
Brill's Series on Modern East Asia in a Global Historical Perspective
Image: Book cover
Insurgency and Counterinsurgency in Kenya
A Social History of the Shifta Conflict, c. 1963-1968
Hannah Whittaker
October 2014
ISBN 978 90 04 28267 4
List price: EUR 69.- / US$ 89.-
African Social Studies Series, 34
Image: Book cover
Colonial Survey and Native Landscapes in Rural South Africa, 1850 - 1913
The Politics of Divided Space in the Cape and Transvaal
Lindsay F. Braun
October 2014
ISBN 978 90 04 27233 0
List price: EUR 75.- / US$ 97.-
African Social Studies Series, 33
Image: Book cover
Africa in Scotland, Scotland in Africa
Historical Legacies and Contemporary Hybridities
Edited by Afe Adogame and Andrew Lawrence
September 2014
ISBN 978 90 04 27620 8
List price: EUR 62.- / US$ 80.-
Africa-Europe Group for Interdisciplinary Studies, 14
Image: Book cover
Africa Yearbook Volume 10
Politics, Economy and Society South of the Sahara in 2013
Edited by Andreas Mehler, Henning Melber and Klaas van Walraven
October 2014
ISBN 978 90 04 27477 8
List price: EUR 129.- / US$ 167.-
Africa Yearbook, 10
Image: Book cover
Women, Mobility and Rural Livelihoods in Zimbabwe
Experiences of Fast Track Land Reform
Patience Mutopo
September 2014
ISBN 978 90 04 27943 8
List price: EUR 46.- / US$ 60.-
Afrika-Studiecentrum Series, 32
Image: Book cover
Voices of Zimbabwean Orphans
A New Vision for Project Management in Southern Africa
Manasa Dzirikure and Garth Allen
October 2014
ISBN 978 90 04 28247 6
List price: EUR 46.- / US$ 60.-
Afrika-Studiecentrum Series, 33
Image: Book cover
Dilemmas of Attachment
Identity and Belonging among Palestinian Christians
Bård Kårtveit
September 2014
ISBN 978 90 04 27146 3
List price: EUR 99.- / US$ 128.-
Social, Economic and Political Studies of the Middle East and Asia, 112
Image: Book cover
Change and Continuity in Eastern Europe and East Asia
Edited by Zsombor Rajkai
October 2014
ISBN 978 90 04 25221 9
List price: EUR 110.- / US$ 142.-
The Intimate and the Public in Asian and Global Perspectives, 6
Image: Book cover Edited by Jørgen Nielsen, Samim Akgönül,
Ahmet Alibašić and Egdunas Racius
October 2014
ISBN 978 90 04 27754 0
List price: EUR 215.- / US$ 279.-
Yearbook of Muslims in Europe, 6
Image: Book cover Sugar in the Social Life of Medieval Islam
Tsugitaka Sato
October 2014
ISBN 978 90 04 27752 6
List price: EUR 101.- / US$ 140.-
Islamic Area Studies, 01
Image: Book cover Digging Deeper: Inside Africa's Agricultural, Food and Nutrition Dynamics
Edited by Akinyinka Akinyoade, Wijnand Klaver, 
Sebastiaan Soeters and Dick Foeken

November 2014
ISBN 978 90 04 28268 1
List price: EUR 59.- / US$ 76.-
African Dynamics, 13
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The First World War and the Making of Modern World Politics
Edited by Alexander Anievas
December 2014
ISBN 978 90 04 26267 6
List price: EUR 139.- / US$ 180.-
Historical Materialism Book Series, 89

Prophets Unarmed
Chinese Trotskyists in Revolution, War, Jail, and the Return from Limbo
Edited by Gregor Benton
December 2014
ISBN 978 90 04 26976 7
List price: EUR 199.- / US$ 258.-
Historical Materialism Book Series, 81
Marxist Perspectives on Latin America in the Global Political Economy
Edited by Susan J. Spronk
and Jeffery R. Webber

December 2014
ISBN 978 90 04 22617 3
List price: EUR 129.- / US$ 167.-
Historical Materialism Book Series, 79

After Orientalism
Critical Perspectives on Western Agency and Eastern Re-appropriations
Edited by François Pouillion
Jean-Claude Vatin
December 2014
ISBN 978 90 04 28252 0
List price: EUR 55.- / US$ 71.-
Transparency and Participation in Nordic Cultures of Consensus
Edited by Norbert Götz
and Carl Marklund

December 2014
ISBN 978 90 04 28118 9
List price: EUR 109.- / US$ 141.-
International Studies in Sociology and Social Anthropology, 126
International Perspectives
Edited by Christina Eder
and Ingvill C. Mochmann

December 2014
ISBN 978 90 04 26394 9
List price: EUR 99.- / US$ 128.-
International Studies in Sociology and Social Anthropology, 125

Conflict and Peace in Central Eurasia
Towards Explanations and Understandings
Babak Rezvani
December 2014
ISBN 978 90 04 27635 2
List price: EUR 135.- / US$ 175.-
International Comparative Social Studies, 31
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Book cover
Now Available - Special Issue PGDT (2014 Vol. 13, No.5-6)

"The Transnationalization of Chinese National Oil Companies and Energy Supply Security: China and the European Union". Guest Editors: Mehdi P. Amineh and Yang Guang.
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Image: Book cover Call for manuscripts for a new book series: Gendering the Trans-Pacific World:  Diaspora, Empire, and Race (GTPW).

Series Editors: Catherine Ceniza Choy, University of California, Berkeley, Judy Tzu-Chun Wu, The Ohio State University
This new series makes two important intellectual interventions. First, taking our cue from "Atlantic World" scholarship, this series promotes Pacific World frameworks to understand the connections between the lands, people, cultures, and environments that are in and border the Pacific Ocean.  Second, this series foregrounds and analyzes the gendered nature of the Pacific World. It does so by focusing on three phenomenon:  Diaspora, Empire, and Race.

Works in the Gendering the Trans-Pacific World series will explore how people have dispersed across the Pacific for trade, labor, migration, cultural exchange, and military engagement. Gendering the Trans-Pacific World seeks scholarship that offers innovative approaches to understanding these complex trans-Pacific power relations, particularly in connection to North America.

The editors are particularly interested in the era of the long 20th century, extending back to the late 19th century and forward into the 21st century, although works on other periods of time are welcome. We also invite interdisciplinary scholarship that frames historical and contemporary phenomenon through feminist, critical race, and post-colonial analyses.  We welcome social and cultural history; biography; as well as interdisciplinary works that examine art, photography, film, and literature.  

Manuscripts (preferably in English) should be at least 90,000 words in length. The editors would be interested to receive proposals for specialist monographs and syntheses, but may also consider multi-authored contributions such as conference proceedings, and thematic issues, and source translations and edited texts.

For submission queries, contact Nozomi Goto: goto@brill.com

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Image: Book cover Marx on Gender and the Family
A Critical Study
Heather Brown

"This short, comprehensive handbook will no doubt provide the basis for a new wave of feminist engagement with Marxism and is a clarion call for all those who regard themselves as Marxists to re-evaluate their ideological conceptions. Heather Brown allows us all to read Marx with new eyes."
-Barry Healy, Links International Journal of
Socialist Renewal's vision
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