Top-Ranked University Presses
#1 Johns Hopkins University Press

Publishes nearly 200 new books and 60 scholarly journals each year. Award-winning lists in history, science, literary studies, political science and medicine reach a worldwide audience and fulfill the Press' mandate of disseminating the expertise of leading scholars, scientists and physicians.

#2 SUNY Press

Acclaimed international publisher of distinguished research and notable general interest works, SUNY capitalizes on the latest advances in communication to offer innovative publications to fulfill the needs of scholars, students, authors and readers around the world.

#3 Cornell University Press

Distinguished scholarly press offers 150 new titles a year in anthropology, classics, cultural studies, history, literary criticism and theory, medieval studies, philosophy, politics and international relations, psychology, psychiatry and women's studies.

One may evaluate a scholarly press in terms of the quality of its books, or the author’s experience with his or her editor. However, how conscientious—and passionate—is the publisher in getting the book out into the world—before the eyes of those who need and use the title?

Library of Social Science organizes book exhibits at approximately 30 meetings each year selected for their scholarly import and capacity to attract influential audiences. Our UNIVERSITY PRESS RANKINGS for 2014 are based on:

  • The total number of titles the press promoted during the course of the year.
  • The total number of conferences at which books were exhibited.

Promoting a title at a highly focused conference is the best way to publicize the book to its primary audience. Library of Social Science is grateful to these presses who have collaborated with us to get their important titles into the world.

#4 Central European University Press

Publishes on the political philosophy, history, nationalism, human rights, conflict resolution, Jewish studies, economics and international relations. Focusing on Central and Eastern Europe, the Press is expanding to include books on higher education, gender studies, media studies and art history.

#5 University of Chicago Press

Disseminates scholarship of the highest standard with works that promote education, foster public understanding and enrich cultural life. Chicago publishes approximately 180 new books and 70 reprints a year, in addition to 49 peer-reviewed scholarly journals.

#6 Edinburgh University Press

Part of a tradition of furthering learning and intellectual debate, Edinburgh is the premier scholarly publisher in Scotland. The Press promotes new ideas by producing high quality scholarship of lasting value in subjects from American studies to classics, film studies to Islamic and Middle Eastern studies, and literary studies to politics.

#7 Teachers College Press

Committed to addressing ideas that matter most to educators, Teachers College’s books expand the dialogue between educational theory and practice. Frequently provocative, the Press’ titles cross disciplinary boundaries discussing issues that range from early childhood to adult learning and psychology to sociology, culture and women’s studies.

#8 Princeton University Press

Publishes works of the greatest minds in academia across all disciplines. The Press consciously acquires a coherent "list" of books in each discipline, providing focus, continuity and a basis for the development of future publications. Selecting scholarship of the highest quality, Princeton’s books are meant for both the academy and the larger reading public.

#9 Rutgers University Press

Publishing in the humanities, social science and sciences, the Press’ ambition is to help make the world better, one book at a time. By publishing titles of superior scholarship and popular appeal, Rutgers University Press produces ideas shaping the critical issues of our day.

#10 Oxford University Press

Founded in 1586, the largest university press in the world, publishes over 6,000 titles a year in more than 40 languages. Their publishing program is incredibly diverse. catering to all audiences and covering all areas of inquiry—while choosing manuscripts of only the highest caliber for publication.

#11 Temple University Press

Publishing significant books in urban studies, housing and labor studies, organizational reform, religion, health care and cultural studies. One of the first university presses to publish on women's and ethnic studies. Today, it continues in these fields and in newer ones such as disability studies, animal rights, criminology, sexual identity, and sport and society.

#12 University of Pennsylvania Press

Known for its books in American and European history, literary studies, urban studies, Jewish studies and human rights. The Press recently has built lists in ethnography and ethnopolitical conflict, international relations, economics and business. Penn’s high standards are widely recognized, with their titles regularly winning prizes in their fields of scholarship.

#13 Harvard Education Publishing Group

Publishes innovative, authoritative books covering critical issues in education, influencing and informing practice and administration, exploring ongoing debates and reporting on important research. Relevant and original, their cutting edge-titles impact education policy and classroom practice.

#14 Stanford University Press

Books of scholarship that both extend and challenge prevailing views in the academy and society, illuminating the human condition. Their 130 new titles each year—most in the humanities and social sciences—stimulate lively debate at the frontier of scholarship, giving readers the tools to improve the world around them.

#15 Harvard University Press

Founded in 1913, a leading publisher of works in the sciences, humanities and social sciences. Home to both the Loeb Classical Library and the Belknap Press, Harvard believes in “Readership Beyond the Academy”— publishing exceptional scholarship with broad appeal to a wider general audience.

#16 University Press of Kansas

Scholarly books advancing knowledge, and regional books contributing to the understanding of Kansas, the Great Plains and the Midwest. The Press focuses on history, political science and philosophy, concentrating on presidential studies, military studies, American history, US government and public policy, legal studies and social and political philosophy.

#17 Fordham University Press

Publishing 60 books annually, primarily in the humanities and social sciences, the Press has a reputation for award-winning studies in anthropology, classics, communications, the fine arts, history, literary studies, philosophy, political theory, religion, sociology and theology, with a particular emphasis on interdisciplinary work. The Press currently has 1,000 active titles.

#18 Syracuse University Press

Committed to serving scholars. promoting diverse cultural expression and preserving the history, literature and culture of the region. The press produces rigorously edited, beautifully designed and critically acclaimed books in subjects from Middle East Studies and Judaica, to popular culture, peace and conflict resolution, sports and entertainment.

#19 Indiana University Press

Publishing books that make a difference today and that will live into the future through their reverberations in the minds of teachers and writers. Recognized internationally as a leading publisher in the humanities and social sciences, the Press produces approximately 140 new books annually. Major subject areas include African and African American, Asian, cultural, Middle East, and women's and gender studies; anthropology, film, history, philosophy and religion.

#20 University of Virginia Press

Currently publishing 50 to 60 new titles annually, focusing primarily on the humanities and social sciences with special concentrations in American history, African American studies, southern studies, literature, ecocriticism and regional books.