Library of Social Science


Nadine Akhund, Ph.D

(929) 224-2594, Email

Nadine Akhund is an Editor for Library of Social Science, Publishers, where she assists in the creation and development of new publications.
Richard Koenigsberg, Ph.D

(718) 393-1081, Email

Formerly a college professor, Dr. Koenigsberg received his Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the Graduate Faculty of the New School for Social Research. He founded Library of Social Science in 1975 with the publication of his Hitler’s Ideology, called an “instant classic” and the “best critical analysis in English of Hitler’s thought.” Richard’s most recent book, Nations Have the Right to Kill, has been acclaimed as a groundbreaking approach to the study of collective forms of violence.
Orion Anderson

(718) 393-1104, Email

Orion is our artistic director and webmaster. He has established a world-wide reputation as Editor of the Library of Social Science Newsletter and Blog, and head of Library of Social Science Book Reviews. He works closely with Dr. Koenigsberg selecting books to review, editing review essays and communicating with our book reviewers.
Mei Ha Chan-Koenigsberg

(718) 393-1075, Email

Mei Ha is head of Library of Social Science Book Exhibits. She works closely with publishers and authors to ensure their significant titles are represented at each of our conference book exhibits. She manages our publisher database, and is in charge of sales and marketing.
Hugh Galford

(718) 393-1075, Email

Hugh is a graduate of Yale University, and received his Master’s Degree in Middle Eastern Studies from Oxford University. In addition to researching publishers’ titles for conferences, he works closely with conference organizers and event managers to locate our book exhibits in the best possible spaces. He is Editor for Library of Social Science, Publishers.
Mary Helen Guider-Shaw

Mary Helen comes to Library of Social Science with a Master’s Degree in Sociology from DePaul University (Chicago), and an enthusiasm for research. Topics of special interest include the relationship between food and society, and the social psychology of cities. She is our main personality managing book exhibits on-site.